Heart, Mind and Harmony

Master and Student

A Master and Disciple are next to a waterfall observing the scenery... Disciple: Master, I feel drained. I have learned a great deal, but something is not right. I feel out of place. Out of sync with my surroundings. I feel uncomfortable. Master: To obtain peace, your heart and mind must be in harmony. Disciple: Yes, it is as though my mind is controlling my actions, but my heart is telling me that I don't like it. What am I to do in this situation? Master: Follow your heart. For it is from the heart where you find true happiness. Disciple: But it is fearful. To drop everything, to let go, and simply follow my heart? It might be painful, and may be a great risk. Master: Would it be as painful as living in an illusion created by your mind? Disciple: Yes I understand what you mean. But in my mind at least I am planning ahead and accessing the risks. If I just follow my heart, it becomes the unknown; where I tread I do not know the outcome. Master: It is where no one tread before, the unknown becomes the known. It is where the heart is tested for its wantings. It is where the truth beneath the veils of lies are revealed and the walls of ignorance can be taken down. Upon hearing this, after a long silence, tears swells up in the disciples eyes... Disciple: Master... I wish to experience the world... But... Master takes a brief look at the disciple, then narrows his eyes. Master: You can continue to be here listening to me, but one day you will only know what I know. If you leave you can gain other knowlege, and in the future become my Master, for I shall want to learn from you as well. Upon hearing this the Disciple drops to his knees and bows to the Master. Disciple: You have given me the greatest lesson in life. For I now know the true quality of a Master that you are. You have shown me that arrogance has no purpose in one's life. I shall be humble and learn from others as you have taught me. If one day I shall be a Master, I will strive to learn from others rather than feel proud or arrogant because of any knowledge I might have. I shall always seek for the unknown and follow my heart, rather than live an illusion of comfort or superiority created supposedly by my mind because of mastery of any limited subject. The disciple bids farewell to his master and journeys onward to the path he is not familiar.

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