Strom Thurmond (The Heart and Soul Of Republican Thinking)

I Can't Say I was Ever Lost, But I was Bewildered Once 
for Three Days --Daniel Boone

Majority Rule Only Works If You're Also Considering Individual Rights.Because You Can't Have Five Wolves and One Sheep Voting On What To Have For Supper. --Larry Flynt

"Our niggers is better off than most anybody's niggers, why, they got washing machines and some of'um even got televisions. I can't understand why they complaining." Strom Thurmond

What Strom Was Against On Civil Right Acts

 1) The Right of Full and Equal Policical 
2) The Right of Equal Opportunity of Employment,
3) The Right of Security of Person,
4) Equal Treatment in the Service and Defense of 
OUR Nation

What Thurmond Says About it

"I want to tell you that there's not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the Negro race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into out homes, and into our churches"

"If the segreation program of the president 
is enforced, the results of civil strife may be 
horrible beyond imagination. Lawlessness will be 
rampant.  Chaos will prevail. Our streets will be 
unsafe.  And there will be the greatest breakdown 
of law enforcement in the history of the nation."

American workers should be able "choose to work in 
a place where he is with his kind of people" and 
not find  "that at the counters, desk or benches 
they will be forced to work, side by side, with all 
types of people of all races; that in the lunchrooms, 
rest rooms, recreation rooms, they will be compelled 
by law to mingle with persons and races which all 
their lives they have by free choice, avoided in 
social and business intercouse, Suppose you work 
for a company or belong to a union which by law 
forbidden to make any so called racial discrimination... 
Think about the situation which would exist.  
When the annual office party is held, or the union 
sponsors a dance.  There the races must also be 
mingled or else the sponsors face fines or jail 

On finding that Governor William H. Hastie of the 
Virgin Islands was black after he had invited him 
to visit Columbia, he said "I would not have 
written him if I knew he was a Negro.  Of course, 
it would have been ridiculous to invite him" 

"I am glad President Truman has finally admitted that the goal his administration has been working for all along is to abolish separation of the races"

"King demeans his race and retards the advancement of his people"

"Straddling the fence will only make your ass hurt." Strom Thurmond

"I got some cheese here." Senator Strom Thurmond , when asked how he would vote on the dairy bill. Strom Thurmond — U.S. senator from 1954 to 2003,said in 1959 that Asians were unqualified to be U.S. citizens because of their heritage. That’s why he voted against giving statehood to Hawaii. From 1948 to 1970, Thurmond also helped lead Southern efforts to deny civil rights to blacks. Source:The State Oct. 11, 2004

Thurmond's Family Says Black Woman Was His Daughter   

Strom Thurmond's Daughter
MIAMI (Reuters) - The family of late U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond released a statement on Monday acknowledging that the former segregationist was the father of a 78-year-old mixed-race woman. Essie Mae Washington-Williams, a Los Angeles woman whose black mother worked as a maid in Thurmond's parents' home as a teen-ager, went public with her claim that Thurmond was her father in a report published by The Washington Post on Saturday. The Thurmond family released a statement on Monday through attorney J. Mark Taylor, who represents the senator's estate. "As J. Strom Thurmond has passed away and cannot speak for himself, the Thurmond family acknowledges Ms. Essie Mae Washington-Williams' claim to her heritage," the statement said. "We hope this acknowledgment will bring closure for Ms. Williams." Thurmond, who served as a Republican senator from South Carolina for 48 years and died in June 2003 at age 100, had said late in life through his office that Williams was a friend. Dec 15, 2003

Strom Thurman Death Watch.

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