Republicians Love the Abortion Issue

What if Republicicans have their way on abortion?

Republicians are anti-choice. They say abortion is murder. They don't want to stop abortion. They don't care for the woman. They don't care for the family. What can happen if they get what they want? This is just a mind experiment of what could happen to you, your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter if Republicians get what they want.
Lets say that a woman you love is at at mall and a gang notices her.
They follow her out to the parking lot and then the unthinkable 
happens. She is raped!

She does the right thing and reports it and the police come, she is 
taken to the hospital and taken care of.
She can't take  the 'morning after pill' because the Republicians 
have gotten a constitutional amendment banding abortion. 
So she hopes.

Turns out she is pregnant. She must have the baby.
She has no health insurance and you start to spend money to the 
point that you go into debt for someone else's child. You lose your 
Your life goes to hell, your kids do without but you make do.

Eight months later and the doctor tells you that there are 
complications and your special woman may die if the pregnancy 
proceeds.  The abortion amendment allows no exception for the 
life of the mother so you can't do anything. Your special woman 
dies and you are forced to raise the child of a stranger.

If you have no choices, its not freedom!

Remember both Bush and Cheney said that if this happens to someone in their family they would support any choice their daughter made. What they will not support is any choice you make.

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