Al Franken

Al Franken
and a Truth Telling Person
That Tells the Truth

When you encounter seemingly good advice that 
contradicts other seemingly good advice, 
ignore them both.
Al Franken, "Oh, the Things I Know", 2002

Al Franken
I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and 
dog-gone it, people like me.
Al Franken, Saturday Night Live

Freedom Of Speech
"I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom 
of speech, which means people should be able 
to assemble and speak without being 
shouted down." 
Al Franken

"And by the way, a few months ago, I 
trademarked the word 'funny.' So when Fox 
calls me 'unfunny,' they're violating my 
trademark. I am seriously considering a 
Al Franken, responding to Fox's copyright 
infringement suit over Franken's use of the 
words "fair and balanced" in the title of 
his new book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who 
Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at 
the Right. 

George W. Bush
This president hasn't asked anyone affluent 
to sacrifice anything. Hasn't asked a thing 
of us, except maybe "to stay alert. The 
President took a surplus and made it into a 
deficit, took a surplus of goodwill, made 
that into a deficit. And who sacrifices? 
The troops in Iraq, the people on the bottom 
are losing medicade, jobs. 
No child left behind is the most ironically 
named piece of legislation since the 1942 
Japanese Family Leave Act.
Al Franken
Nov 19, 2003 speech at the University of 

The biases the media has are much bigger than 
conservative or liberal. They're about 
getting ratings, about making money, about 
doing stories that are easy to cover.
Al Franken, "Lies and the Lying Liars who 
Tell Them", 2003

Mistakes are a part of being human. 
Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: 
precious life lessons that can only be 
learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal 
mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.
Al Franken, "Oh, the Things I Know", 2002

Newt Gingrich
He [Newt Gingrich] is the most unpopular 
politician in America. His favorable rating 
is only four points higher than the Unabomber. 
Al Franken 

I think if you're going to do a movie about 
Reagan you do it about the fact that he 
created the huge deficit, that he armed the 
mujahadeen, that he armed Saddam, that he 
armed Iran, he armed 2/3s of the Axis of Evil, 
he funded terrorists in Central America, 
he was in my mind a terrible president.
Al Franken

Rush Limbaugh
"Most of us here in the media are what I call infotainers...
Rush Limbaugh is what I call a disinfotainer.  
He entertains by spreading disinformation." 
Al Franken

The reason I chose Limbaugh is first of all, 
when I made the decision, it was late '94, 
right before the Congressional elections. 
He was this huge power, he was being called 
the "Majority Maker."  He was made an honorary 
member of the Republicans' freshman class. 
They certainly deserve each other. And I 
listened to him, I just listened to him. 
And I thought, how does this guy get away with this? 
This guy can't be allowed to get away with 
this. Someone's got to do something's that 
funny. Someone's got to do something in his 
face. We let Limbaugh speak for himself.
Al Franken
SALON Interview

Rush Limbaugh Being Fat
Oh no, it's obviously how his disease manifests 
itself, any kind of substance dependency is 
very deep, issues of self esteem, you can just 
tell that he's a really insecure and 
vulnerable person -- and I love him. 
You know, sometimes I listen to him on the 
radio, and he's very judgmental, he's a very 
angry person, and I just want to remind him 
that anytime you have a finger pointing at 
someone else, there's three pointing back 
at you.
Al Franken
SALON Interview

Rush Limbaugh and Drug Abuse
Drug war, well, as Rush Limbaugh said, Anyone 
who uses drugs illegally should be prosecuted 
and put away I don't agree with him, I think 
they should be treated, but that's what Rush 
believes and so, you know, we're praying for 
Rush because he's in recovery and you take 
responsibilities for your actions so I'm sure 
any day now Rush will demand to be put away 
for the maximum sentence and ask for the most 
dangerous prison and we'll be praying for 
maybe and African American cellmate who saw 
the Donavon McNabb comments on ESPN. 
So we're prayin'.
Al Franken

Sean Hannity
I said that Sean Hannity took residence up 
Newt Gingrich's butt from 94 to 98. I got 
that from British intelligence. It turns out 
he only took up residence in 95. 
Al Franken
Source:World Of Quotes

If you watched Hannity and Colmes during the 
war, it was hilarious. Hannity would, every 
day, be saying that Democrats were undermining 
the President by criticizing the Commander in 
Chief with criticisms that were so either 
nonexistent or mild. Whereas, Hannity, if you 
went back and looked at what he was saying 
during Kosovo, was attacking Clinton in the 
harshest terms every day. Hannity deliberately 
meant to undermine Clinton by saying he's not 
following his advisors, we're running out of 
ammunition, he doesn't know what he's doing. 
He was allowing guests to come on and say this 
is the worst planned military operation in 
history, and he'd nod, and say, "Um-hmm." 
Al Franken

It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet 
the whole world.
Al Franken, 'Stuart Saves His Family'

The O'Franken Factor
"There's no liberal echo chamber in this 
country. There's a right-wing echo chamber. I 
want to create a countervailing echo chamber."
Al Franken
Source:Chicago Tribune

Air America Radio

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