Seven Things the Democratic Party Should Do 
But Won't
The Democratic Party of the nation ain't dead
though it has been givin' a lifelike imitation of a courpse for several years.
George Washington Plunkitt, Tammany Hall boss, 1905
1. Re-Direct Government Spending from the Private to The Public Sector.

Why are taxpayer funds being used to assist big business? For example, why is it the responsibility of the people to provide security for the airline industry? All of these funds should be re-directed to education, mass transit, and other things that exclusively benefit the public.

"The $150 billion for corporate subsidies and tax benefits eclipses the annual budget deficit of $130 Billion. It's more than the $145 billion paid out annually for the core programs of the social welfare state: Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), student aid, housing, food and nutrition, and all direct public assistance (excluding Social Security and medical care)."

"After World War II, the nation's tax bill was roughly split between corporations and individuals. But after years of changes in the federal tax code and international economy, the corporate share of taxes has declined to a fourth the amount individuals pay, according to the US Office of Management and Budget." --Boston Globe series on Corporate Welfare 2. Shut Up About Economic Growth

The US is already the wealthiest country in the history of the world, so why do we need to increase wealth, and why is it the job of the government to do it? The economic growth message is nothing more than an endorsement of materalism and consumerism, and it's no wonder Republician are winning when the opposition has adopted their basic philosophy. 3. Stop Putting Foreign Interests ahead of the American People.

Cut all non-humanitarian foreign aid. It isn't the job of the American people to pay for the defense budgets of Israel and the rest of the world. Get tough on both illegal and legal immigration. Corporations should not be allowed to import a cheap labor supply at the expense of American workers. This is not a racial or civil rights issue, it is an issue of fundamental fairness-opportunities in America should be for natural - born Americans first. Of course it used to be that immigrants did the jobs that Americans wouldn't do, but that just isn't true anymore. Corporations are importing high tech workers, and graduate schools in this country are becoming filled with foreign students. Natural-born Americans are losing opportunities from the top to the bottom of the economic scale, and Democrats should acknowledge that fact, even though it might offend some ethnic groups. 4. Cleanse the Party of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Especially Dixiecrats.

Democrats that consistently vote with the GOP shouldn't receive funding from the party or even be allowed to attend caucus meetings. The Democratic Party is a big tent, but it not big enough to include Republicians. 5. Stop Supporting Groups that Vote for the GOP.

For decades, Democrats have fought hard for farmers and veterans, and what have they gotten for it? Most farm states are heavily Republician and most veterans groups consistently endorse Republicians over Democrats. For example, Max Cleland was a war hero and former head of the V.F.W., and yet the V.F.W. endorsed his draft- dodging opponent! So exactly why should the Democratic Party continue to try and increase veteran's benefits when it's clear that there's nothing a Democrat could do that would gain the votes of these people. 6. Co-opt Republician Ideas.

Republicans constantly whine for tax cuts and reductions in government spending. The Democrats should comply, but not in the way the GOP wants. Democrats should call for deep tax cuts for the middle class, and the fund them by increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy. Democrats should cut government spending by eliminating things like the Department of Transportation, The Department of Commerce, pork barrel military projects, ect. Clinton was right to co-opt Republican ideas, but he made the mistake of accepting those ideas as is rather than modifying them in order to benefit the majority of Americans. 7. Stop Working with Republicans.

Voters don't elect Democrats to work with Republicans, they elect them to work against Republicians. If the Democrats can't understand this basic fact, then we should disband and allow someone else to give it a try. Republicans constantly use filibusters and parliamentary tricks to try and get their way, so why shouldn't Democrats do the same? For example, Why didn't Daschle and Co. filibuster Bush's latest appeals court nomination? Democrats said it was out of respect for Strom Thurmond. That's a load of crap and they know it. They simply didn't want to take on the GOP. Again, if Democratic Party finds it too distasteful to oppose the GOP then they should get out of the way and allow some other party to try. Mike AMEN!

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