Al Gore

2000 Election
"You know you win some,  and you lose some,  
and the there's that little-known third category."

Gore Flag

9-11 and Terrorism
To begin with, to put first things first, I believe 
that we ought to be focusing our efforts first 
and foremost against those who attacked us 
on September 11th and who have thus far 
gotten away with it. The vast majority of 
those who sponsored, planned and 
implemented the cold-blooded murder of more 
than 3,000 Americans are still at large, 
still neither located nor apprehended, much 
less punished and neutralized. I do not 
believe that we should allow ourselves to be 
distracted from this urgent task simply 
because it is proving to be more 
difficult and lengthy than was predicted. 

Great nations persevere and then prevail. 
They do not jump from one unfinished task 
to another. We should remain focused on 
the war against terrorism. 
Al Gore's speech before the 
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco

President Gore

Al Gore Sr.
"They tried to make out like my dad was an 
atheist because he didn't want a constitutional 
amendment putting the government in charge of telling 
children how they ought to worship God in the public 
schools. They came out with accusations that he was 
unpatriotic because he was opposed to the Vietnam War 
and the mistaken policy that got us into that war." 

"We have often felt the presence of God and 
the power of prayer, so although we have 
grown up in the church, we are believers not 
by habit but by decision." 
Al Gore -- Joined at the Heart: The 
Transformation of the American Family, 
2002, p. 40 

Bush Administration
"In almost every policy area, the Administration's 
consistent goal has been to eliminate any constraints 
on their exercise of raw power, whether by law, 
regulation, alliance or treaty - and in the process 
they have in each case caused America to be seen by 
the other nations of the world as showing disdain for 
the international community." 
AL Gore  1-15-04

Bush's Attack On Freedom
"They have taken us much farther down the 
road toward an intrusive, 'big brother'-style 
government -- toward the dangers prophesied 
by George Orwell (search) in his book '1984' -- 
than anyone ever thought would be possible in 
the United States of America,"

"In my opinion, it makes no more sense to 
launch an assault on our civil liberties as 
the best way to get at terrorists than it did to 
launch an invasion of Iraq as the best way to 
get at Usama bin Laden," 


". . . much of our success in rescuing the global 
ecological system will depend upon whether we can 
find a new reverence for the environment as a 
whole -- not just its parts." 
AL Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and 
the Human Spirit, 1992, pp. 204-205 

"Of course, faith is just a word unless it is 
invested with personal meaning; my own faith 
is rooted in the unshakeable belief in God as 
creator and sustainer, a deeply personal 
interpretation of and relationship with Christ, 
and an awareness of a constant and holy 
spiritual presence in all people, all live, and all 
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the 
Human Spirit, 1992, pp. 368 

"A shared commitment to faith has always been 
a central element in the life of our own family. 
Our deeply held beliefs form the very core of 
the values we hold in common, and the rituals 
of our faith tradition have always provided a 
reassuring and stabilizing rhythm to family life." 
Al Gore -- Joined at the Heart: 
The Transformation of the American Family, 
2002, p. 40 

Faith & the Information Age
"The richness and diversity of our religious 
tradition throughout history is a spiritual 
resource long ignored by people of faith, who 
are often afraid to open their minds to teachings 
first offered outside their own system of belief. 
But the emergence of a civilization in which 
knowledge moves freely and almost 
instantaneously throughout the world has led 
to an intense new interest in the different 
perspectives on life in other cultures and has 
spurred a renewed investigation of the wisdom 
distilled by all faiths. This panreligious 
perspective may prove especially important 
where our global civilization's responsibility for 
the earth is concerned." 
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and 
the Human Spirit, 1992, pp. 258-259 

"Fear was activated on Sept. 11 for all of us,
And it was exploitable for a variety of purposes 
unrelated to the initial cause of fear. 
I was one of millions who asked him (President Bush)
to lead us wisely and well, and he abused the trust 
of the people by exploiting the fears of the American 
people in order to take this nation on an adventure 
that had been preordained before the attacks of 
Sept. 11 ever took place." 
Al Gore Feb 5th,2004

"If you agree with me, then stand up with conviction 
for what we believe in and fight for it," 

Internet & SOPA
In our world today there is hardly anything more important [...] than to 
save and protect the vibrancy and freedom of the Internet.
The Internet is bringing life back to democracy. Anything that would 
threaten the vibrancy and freedom of the Internet and the future, 
Im against.
Al Gore

Moral Coward
"While President Bush likes to project an image of 
strength and courage, the truth is that in the 
presence of his large financial contributors he is a 
moral coward - so weak that he seldom if ever says 
'No' to them on anything - no matter what the public 
interest might mandate
AL Gore 1-15-04

Personal Search
"I have for several years now been engaged in 
and intensive search for truths about myself and 
my life; many other people I know are doing the 
same. More people than ever are asking , 'Who 
are we? What is our purpose?' The resurgence 
of fundamentalism in every world religion, from 
Islam to Judaism to Hinduism to Christianity; 
the proliferation of new spiritual movements, 
ideologies, and cults of all shapes and 
descriptions; the popularity of New Age 
doctrines and the current fascination with 
exploratory myths and stories from cultures 
the world over -- all serve as evidence for 
the conclusion that there is indeed a spiritual 
crisis in modern civilization that seems to be 
based on an emptiness at its center and the 
absence of a larger spiritual purpose." 
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology 
and the Human Spirit, 1992, p. 367 

Petty Political Tactic
"For the president of the United States to claim 
in a television ad that those who disagreed with 
the decision to go to war with Iraq are against 
attacking terrorists is a disgrace. It is a cheap 
and petty political tactic not worthy of the 
presidency. It is something you would find in a 
down-and-dirty sleazy campaign for city council." 
Al Gore, Tennessee State University 11-25-03

Religious Liberty
"Americans are human beings, subject to the 
same temptations and the same pride and the 
same fears that afflict people of all nations. 
Puritans in Boston hanged Quakers in a grim 
public ceremony on the limbs of the Great Elm 
on Boston Commons. Baptists under Roger 
Williams had to flee Massachusetts. . . . 
Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Latter 
Day Saints, the Mormons, was murdered by 
a mob. . . Anti-Semitism is a stain on our 
history. . Even as we celebrate our religious 
liberty today, killing in the name of religion goes 
on all around the world. . Throughout history, 
religious wars have always been the most 
brutal and cruel and merciless." 
Al Gore -- Religious Freedom Day speech, 
Richmond, Virginia, 14 January 1994 

"I strongly believe in the separation of church 
and state. But freedom of religion does not 
mean freedom from religion, there is a better way." 
Al Gore -- speech at a Salvation Army drug 
rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia, 
May 1999 

"I was raised in a tradition that honors the 
establishment clause, and I think that puts an 
extra obligation on those who serve in public 
office, especially in a constitutional position, to 
refrain from implying some special guidance by 
virtue of their relationship to God or religious 
tradition. And I try never to inadvertently 
communicate something like that. But at the 
same time, I think that we have gone too far in 
conveying the impression that those in public 
life are obligated to refrain from ever 
acknowledging that they have a spiritual life and 
that they have a set of core beliefs." 
Al Gore -- interview with U.S. News, 2000 

"In America, faith finds its expression through 
many different religious traditions. Indeed, 
tolerance of religious diversity has been 
strong and growing in America since our 
country's inception. We take pride as a nation 
in being a home for all religions and in 
respecting the rights of those who choose not 
to believe in God. And the large majority of 
us believe in the importance of maintaining a 
clear separation between government 
and religion." 
Al Gore -- Joined at the Heart: The 
Transformation of the American Family, 
2002, p. 39 

"Organized religions seem to carry the same 
vulnerability to abuse and excess that can 
flourish in any group that inspires passion and 
confers a distinctive identity. But luckily for 
America's families, that lesson was fresh in the 
minds of our founders after all the religious wars  
and persecution that swept Europe before and 
during the time of our colonization . . ." 
Al Gore -- Joined at the Heart: The 
Transformation of the American Family, 
2002, p. 41 

"Interestingly, the high level of religious 
activity in America compared to most other 
nations has been attributed by many experts 
to the high degree of separation between church 
and state, and the consistent emphasis on 
religious freedom."
Al Gore -- Joined at the Heart: The 
Transformation of the American Family, 
2002, p. 41-42 

Seeing God
"It is my own belief that the image of God can 
be seen in every corner of creation, even in us, 
but only faintly. By gathering in the mind's eye 
all of creation, one can perceive the image of 
the Creator vividly. . . . 
I believe that the image of the Creator, which 
sometimes seems so faint in the tiny corner of 
creation each of us beholds, is nonetheless 
present in its entirety -- and present in 
us as well." 
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the 
Human Spirit, 1992, p. 265 

Stewards Of God's Creation
"For some Christians, the prophetic vision of the 
apocalypse is used -- in my view, unforgivably -- 
as an excuse for abdicating their responsibility 
to be good stewards of God's creation. 
Al Gore

"The religious ethic of stewardship is indeed 
harder to accept if one believes the world is 
in danger of being destroyed -- 
by either God or humankind." 
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the 
Human Spirit, 1992, p. 263 

Strom Thrumond
I have to tell you that I did some research 
about the vice presidency and found that quite 
a number of my predecessors did not really 
fully appreciate the job, and some of them 
resigned. Just to give one example before I 
get into my speech here, John C. Calhoun 
actually resigned the vice presidency in 1825 
to become a senator from South Carolina. 
And as many of you know, he subsequently lost 
that seat to Strom Thurmond . . . 

Sustainable Capitalism
"We are once again facing one of those rare turning points in 
history when dangerous challenges and limitless opportunities 
cry out for clear, long-term thinking, The disruptive threats now 
facing the planet are extraordinary: climate change, water scarcity, 
poverty, disease, growing income inequality, urbanisation, 
massive economic volatility and more. Businesses cannot be 
asked to do the job of governments, but companies and investors 
will ultimately mobilise most of the capital needed to overcome 
the unprecedented challenges we now face.
Al Gore


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