THE FOUR SPIRITUAL FLAWS There are four rather common misconceptions about spirituality and Christian maturity that simply do not hold water. Warning: They might come as a surprise, maybe even a shock. So hang on. Flaw 1: Because you are a Christian, all your problems are solved. We do a great disservice to an unbeliever when we bait him by saying, "Come to Christ and all your problems will be over." The Bible never says that. It promises that we will be new creatures; it assures us that we will have a destiny that is secure; but it does not guarantee a downhill slide once Christ comes into a person's life. In fact, in some instances problems increase and the road gets rougher! Flaw 2: All the problems you will ever have are addressed in the Bible. They are not. It is very unwise for us to make broad, sweeping statements in areas where the Scriptures do not speak. There are many times when we don't find an explicit answer in Scripture for our particular problem. At such times we are forced to walk by faith, trusting the Lord to show us the next step as it is needed. The Bible simply does not offer a specific answer to every problem in life. Flaw 3: If you are having problems, you are unspiritual. Isn't it a shame that this idea is conveyed in so many places today? Having a problem simply proves you are human! We all have problems, and you're not unspiritual because you are wrestling with a dilemma. As a matter of fact, some of the most spiritual men and women I have ever known have wrestled with some of the deepest problems life ever offers. Think of Job and his suffering. He did not have an answer. He did not understand why. His counselors, with their severe and heady statements, were grossly deceptive; they didn't know the answers either. Although Job was spiritual, he had enormous problems. Flaw 4: Being exposed to sound Bible teaching automatically solves problems. Bible instruction alone will not result in instant solutions to problems. No matter how reliable the teaching or how gifted the teacher, the declaration of truth does not provide the removal of difficulties. Think of the Scriptures as an absolutely accurate map. A map tells you how to get to a certain destination. But just looking at a map won't automatically transport you to Arizona or England or Peru. Getting to those places means you have to make the effort… pay the cost…take the time for travel… stay at it until you arrive. So it is in the Christian life. God's map is reliable and available. It is also clear and direct. But there is not hocus-pocus in it's pages that automatically sends its reader by way of magic carpet. Printed without permission from "Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back". By Charles R. Swindoll, 1980



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