Riverview / Poohbear

Riverview Two young innocent souls trusting, God's mighty plan to bring kindred souls together... To complete his creation in those years-- With perfect love. Two unblemished children discard childhood-- For a shared dream... Brought together by forces of space and time. Two dreamy teenagers bravely open their souls... Like a flower waiting pollination... In the harsh elements of life-- Dreaming of a birth of heaven. Poohbear So young Little Poohbear-- Running free, Living new wonders everyday. Do you remember how bright the sun shone? Every day then... Not like today's hazy, dirty way? Do you remember how just an hour.. Together-- Seemed magically endless. We could talk about world affairs.. Or just... Hold hands and be happier than most people in a life time? Do you remember how we worshipped Tomorrow's dream and planned the steps of the journey. Do you remember our Riverview And the gathering of the waters?
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