Master and Student

On the Subject of Goals

A Master and disciple are taking a long walk in the woods...

Master, I am lonely. I do not feel at peace. I feel I lack someone who I can be 
intimate with. A soulmate if you will. 
Why do you not seek one? 
I have, but I guess because of circumstances, I am unable to find a mate. After a 
while, subconsciously, I feel a big conflict in myself. I need to find an outlet. 
My heart is empty. My sexual desires are suppressed. 
How do you deal with it? 
I guess I turned it inward. I needed a reason to protect my sanity. A way to justify 
my lonely life. Buddhist monks are celibate. I have chose this path as an excuse 
for my inability to find a mate. I have chosen to remove my desires of being with 
the opposite sex because my inner-self was in agony. An agony as a result of 
being rejected and my inability of finding someone that loves me. I have found a 
path that accepted my condition and turned it into a sought after value... the 
Buddhist ideal of refraining from all desires including sex. 
It is your self-esteem you are protecting. Everyone has an internal measuring stick 
they use to judge their success. These are basically internal goals that need to be 
met for you to feel confident and content in life. Anyone who turns to Buddhism as 
an excuse for failure (whatever it may be) is making a big mistake in life. We are 
all bound to fail in certain circumstances. You are accepting failure as an end-all 
solution to your problems and you are using the ideal of having no desires 
(hence no goals) as an excuse to protect your self-esteem.
At this moment, the Master pushes the disciple away from him.

Do not come back until you are ready. 

Source: Buddhism Depot Magazine
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