Encourage One Another

Philippians 2:25


 Some people know just what to say and be an encouragement when others are going 
though tough times. These individuals are not self-absorbed, are sensitive to 
others struggles, and seek to be a shoulder to lean on during these times. God's 
word tells us that Moses, who was overwhelmed with the children of Israel, had 
his father-in-law, Jethro, encourage him (Ex. 18:1-27). When Paul was in prison 
a man named Epaphroditus came to help even though his life and his health was 
in jeopardy (Phil. 2:25). Later Timothy came and was an encouragement 
(2 Tim. 4:9). Paul asked Timothy to bring Mark also because he was the kind of 
friend that Paul needed when he was enduring hardships (2 Tim. 4:1: Philem 24). 
Paul also relied on Luke for encouragement. When everyone else was busy, Luke 
could be found with Paul (2 Tim. 4:11).  Paul experienced trials thoughout his 
ministry and the Lord used ordinary people to provide support in practical 
  Like wise, all of us go throgh difficult days. We need others in those times 
when it seems as though no one else cares.  The lesson to learn is that God 
wants to make you and me into a friend who can be a strength and resource of 
the Holy Spirit to help others in time of their need.  The words that you share 
and the things that you do can and will be used by the Holy Spirit to get them 
through a very dark time in their life. 

  What about the people that the Lord puts in our lives who are a source of 
encouragement? Why do we fail to tell them while we have the opportunity? 
Many times we wait until they have experienced a tragedy or even die before 
we say those kind of words about their influence in our life. Imagine with 
me an individual who has had an impact on your life. Perhaps it is a 
coworker, parent, pastor, spouse, teacher, neighbor, or friend. Now, 
imagine being at the funeral home or attending their funeral.  
What would you say about them? You would express how they had helped you 
during a difficult times in your life. You would recount stories and 
anecdotes about them. You would express the positive traits of their life 
and the difference they made in your own life. Why not say those things 
to them while they can benefit from your encouragement?

  As we approach a new day, consider making a list of five of these 
individuals and plan to sit down with them, and face to face be an 
encouragement to them and tell them how they have impacted your 
life.  It may be impossible for you to see them face to face and 
you need to write them a hand written note expressing encouraging 
words to them. It is possible that they are now going though a 
difficult time and need to be uplifted and encouraged. I have a 
dear friend who is currently in a nursing home and does not know 
anyone and cannot speak. I think back to the many things she 
taught me through her life style, the way she treated others, 
the commitment she had to the Lord and His work and her 
response to crisis and trials. I have been to see her and told 
her what she meant to me but I am not sure that she comprehended. 
Don't wait until it's too late! 

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