In Memory Of Gilbert Luther Howington


Gilbert Luther Howington

The Worlds Best Father

Dad...You are still here for me. Yes, you are with the Lord too. I hear your voice in the wind. I see your eyes in my children. I feel your love with each beat of my heart.

Did you know that you're my hero
And everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
For you are the wind beneath my wings...

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
But I have it here in my heart.
I want you to know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you...

My Lesson From Dad

 Most people start these types of things (his death) by 
starting and then building to an end.  
 Let me start at the end and then go back…
  My Dad was and still is the greatest human Dad this planet 
ever had.  I don't want to pretend that we didn't have hard times. 
 I was a 70's hippy..he was a Marine.  I am a liberal democrat 
and he leans to the GOP. But what we learned over those years 
was that love is more important then anything going on in the 
affairs of  men.  That should let you all know how we were.  
But that is how we were. 
   Let me tell you about how we are.  My Dad understood my 
pain and by the grace of God I understood his.  He felt my 
pain when Lynn got hurt (She was in a car wreck, that put 
her in a comma for 3 months, she had to learn to walk and 
talk again.)  I saw it in his eyes.  I see that same 
look now in the eyes of people that I love and people that I 
don't know.  I can share with everyone how my father and I 
got that fear out of our eyes and better yet out of our souls.  
There have been two people I dearly loved.
Dad and a friend by the name of George.  I loved them both 
so much that my  two boys carry their names.   
This year (1999), in my Dad I saw such a change words cannot 
describe it.  Once this year, when Lynn started to improve 
he told me that it would not hurt me to get on my hands and 
knees and thank God.  He knew me.  He knew my love of 
science. All the parts of puzzle must fit. One must lead to two..
two to three.  Sometimes they don't.  Dad knew.  His advice is 
still good. For everyone.. and so I repeat it.  
It won't hurt you to get on your hands and knees and thank God. 
Not just for Lynn (in my case) but all the good things in your life.  
It is ok to get there when things are dark.
When the world is dark..and there is no hope.  When you 
were walking in a sunny day and all of a sudden you are engulfed 
by a huge black hole. Don't give up.  Something is going on.  
 Something..that you didn't cause...or maybe you did.  But don't 
give up.  There is more going on then you know.  
Every one will suffer, no exceptions. 
 All thing must pass.  
This is ONE thing Dad taught me this year by his faith.  Other lessons? 
Love, Family, marriage..
He taught them all.  By love and his example.  
 Now back to the beginning..   
Can I tell you about what made my Dad the best dad in the history of the 
planet? He was and will always be there for me.  Dad,I love you and will 
not now or ever bend in the eye of the storm.   We stand on the rock! 
 We will be together again.  I will see that twinkle in your eye.  I will hear 
you laugh.  I will hug you and you will hug me.  Did I tell you he taught me 
that a hug says a million words?  Did I tell you he taught me that a kiss and 
a smile says words that can't be be spoken?

Your son

Dad, Kim, Brittiny

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