Howington Current Music Listing

Band                                                          Album    
13th Floor Elevators                               The 13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere      
                                                   The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators
3 Doors Down                                       Away From the Sun                                 
                                                   Seventeen Days                                    
                                                   The Better Life                                   
38 Special                                         Flashback- The Best Of .38 Special                
                                                   Long Island Jan 29th, 1985                        
AC-DC                                              '74 Jailbreak                                     
                                                   AC-DC Live                                        
                                                   Back In Black                                     
                                                   Black Ice                                         
                                                   Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap                       
                                                   Flick Of The Switch                               
                                                   Fly On The Wall                                   
                                                   For Those About To Rock We Salute You             
                                                   High Voltage                                      
                                                   Highway To Hell                                   
                                                   If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]            
                                                   Let There Be Rock                                 
                                                   Stiff Upper Lip                                   
                                                   The Razor's Edge                                  
                                                   Who Made Who                                      
Addison Groove Project                             Waiting Room                                      
Aerosmith                                          9-15-88 Pacific Amphitheater                      
                                                   Big Ones                                          
                                                   Central Part 1975 08 29                           
                                                   Get Your Wings                                    
                                                   Toys In The Attic                                 
Alan Watts                                         Alan Watts - Teaches Meditation                   
                                                   This Is It                                        
Albert Collins                                     Albert Collins - The Cool Sound Of Albert Collins 
Albert King                                        Albert King - Born under a bad sign               
                                                   Albert King - The Bottom Line - New York (1976)   
Alias                                              Alias - Bootleg - Atlanta - ( Ga ) 11-24-79       
Alice Cooper                                       Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits                      
                                                   Billion Dollar Babies                             
                                                   From The Inside                                   
                                                   LA Forum Jul 27th 1975                            
                                                   Love It To Death                                  
                                                   Metro Sports Arena-Minneapolis, MN May 30, 1973   
                                                   School's Out                                      
                                                   The Essentials                                    
                                                   The Night Of Halloween                            
                                                   The Strange Case of Alice Cooper                  
Allman And Woman                                   Two The Hard Way                                  
Alquin                                             Alquin - On Tour (1976)                           
Altan                                              Runaway Sunday                                    
Alvin Lee and Mick Taylor                          .DS_Store                                         
                                                   01 Honey Pie.mp3                                  
                                                   02 Slow Blues In 'C'.mp3                          
                                                   03 Goin' Through The Door.mp3                     
                                                   04 Can't Stop.mp3                                 
                                                   05 Just Another Boogie.mp3                        
                                                   06 Help Me.mp3                                    
                                                   07 Love Like A Man.mp3                            
America                                            America                                           
                                                   Boston Garden, Boston, MA Apr 24 1976             
                                                   Boston Garden, Boston, MA Apr 24 1976 (2)         
                                                   Hat Trick                                         
                                                   History- America's Greatest Hits                  
                                                   Holiday (US Release)                              
                                                   Sigma Sound Studios, Rainbow Room, Philadelphia   
                                                   Universal Amph & 4 1978                           
                                                   Universal Amph & 4 1978  (2)                      
America and James Taylor                           Universal Amph & 4 1978  (2)                      
Andrew Lloyd Webber                                Jesus Christ Superstar [Disc 1]                   
                                                   Jesus Christ Superstar [Disc 2]                   
Aphex Twin                                         Selected Works 85-92                              
April Wine                                         Granada Theater - Dallas, Texas                   
                                                   Las Vegas, NV                                     
Arlo Guthrie                                       Arlo Guthrie - Hobo's Lullaby                     
                                                   Arlo Guthrie - Last Of The Brooklyn Cowboys       
                                                   Arlo Guthrie - Running Down The Road              
                                                   Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA                       
                                                   Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA [Disc 1]              
                                                   Washington County (1970)                          
Artistes Divers                                    Caf‚ Del Mar Vol.14 [Disc 1]                      
Atlanta Rhythm Section                             Are You Ready-                                    
                                                   Atlanta Rhythm Section                            
                                                   Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1975 - Smiling Dog Saloon
                                                   Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1989 - Truth In A Structu
                                                   Back Up Against The Wall                          
                                                   Bottom Line  Jan 25th, 1977                       
                                                   Champagne Jam                                     
                                                   Dog Days-Red Tape                                 
                                                   Georgia Tech Oct 8th, 1978                        
                                                   Sleep With One Eye Open                           
                                                   The Best Of Atlanta Rhythm Section                
                                                   Third Annual Pipe Dream-A Rock And Roll Alternativ
Avril Lavigne                                      Under My Skin                                     
B.B. King                                          Blues Summit                                      
B‚la Fleck & The Flecktones                        Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo                        
                                                   Live Art [Disc 1]                                 
                                                   Live Art [Disc 2]                                 
                                                   Three Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest                  
                                                   UFO Tofu                                          
B‚la Fleck, Jie-Bing Chen & V.M. Bhatt             Tabula Rasa                                       
Bachman-Turner Overdrive                           King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Bachman-Turner O
Back Street Crawler                                The Band Plays On                                 
Bad Company                                        10 From 6                                         
                                                   1979-07-29 Capital Center Landover                
                                                   2010-03-26,BBC Radio Theater,London               
                                                   Bad Company                                       
                                                   Burnin' Sky                                       
                                                   Company Of Strangers                              
                                                   Dangerous Age                                     
                                                   Desolation Angel                                  
                                                   Fame And Fortune                                  
                                                   Here Comes Trouble                                
                                                   Hollywood Fl (1) June 17 2009                     
                                                   Holy Water                                        
                                                   In Concert- Merchants Of Cool                     
                                                   Run With The Pack                                 
                                                   Stories Told & Untold                             
                                                   Straight Shooter                                  
                                                   'ya Tough Boys                                    
Badfinger                                          3-13-74Early(Pt.1)                                
                                                   Badfinger Apple Demos                             
                                                   Badfinger Bus Tapes                               
                                                   Badfinger-BBC In Concert                          
                                                   Best Of Badfinger                                 
                                                   Day After Day [Live]                              
                                                   Friday Night In Laredo                            
                                                   Kickin' Ass                                       
                                                   Magic Christian Music                             
                                                   NO DICE                                           
                                                   Straight Up [Bonus Tracks]                        
                                                   The Very Best Of Badfinger                        
Barbra Streisand                                   Duets                                             
Be Bop Deluxe                                      Calderone Dec 6 1976                              
Beaverteeth                                        Dam It and Beaverteeth                            
Bee Gees                                           Idea                                              
Bette Midler                                       Experience The Divine                             
Betts, Hall, Leavell and Trucks                    Hermitage Landing Jul 15th 1983                   
Between                                            Between - 1974 Dharana                            
Bhatt & Mahal & Ravikira                           Taj Mahal - Mumtaz Mahal 1995                     
Big Bill Broonzy                                   Big Bill Broonzy - Trouble In Mind                
Big Brother and the Holding Company                Big Brother & The Holding Company - Be A Brother  
                                                   Big Brother & The Holding Company - Big Brother & 
                                                   Big Brother & The Holding Company - How Hard It Is
                                                   Cheap Thrills                                     
Bill Conti                                         Rocky                                             
Billy Idol                                         Greatest Hits                                     
Billy Joel                                         52nd Street                                       
                                                   Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2 [Disc 1]                
                                                   Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2 [Disc 2]                
                                                   Piano Man                                         
                                                   Storm Front                                       
                                                   The Essential Billy Joel [Disc 1]                 
                                                   The Essential Billy Joel [Disc 2]                 
                                                   The Essential Billy Joel 3.0                      
                                                   The Stranger                                      
Billy Preston                                      Ultimate Collection- Billy Preston                
Billy Squier                                       Don't Say No                                      
Black Creek Band                                   Live From Gainsville                              
Black Oak Arkansas                                 Black Oak Arkansas - 1969 - Early Times           
                                                   High On The Hog                                   
                                                   Hot & Nasty- Best Of Black Oak Arkansas           
                                                   Hot And Nasty                                     
                                                   Leprechauns In Orlando                            
                                                   Race With The Devil                               
                                                   Street Party                                      
                                                   X Rated                                           
Black Sabbath                                      Black Sabbath [Japan]                             
                                                   Black Sabbath Vol. 4                              
                                                   Greatest Hits 1970-1978                           
                                                   Heaven And Hell                                   
                                                   Master of Reality                                 
                                                   Pitts Civic Center Sep 2nd 1978                   
                                                   Sabbath Bloody Sabbath                            
                                                   Technical Ecstasy                                 
                                                   We Sold Our Soul For Rock ' n' Roll               
Blackberry Smoke                                   Little Piece of Dixie                             
Blackfoot                                          Blackfoot - Rainbow Music Hall, Denver 1979 MP3   
                                                   Hollywood Palladium Aug 10th 1983                 
Blackhawk                                          BlackHawk                                         
                                                   Blackhawk - 1997 - Live From The Troubadour       
                                                   Love & Gravity                                    
                                                   Spirit Dancer                                     
                                                   The Sky Is The Limit                              
Blind Faith                                        16 - BF - Santa Barbara  08-16-1969 CA (SBD)      
                                                   Blind Faith - Blind Faith                         
Blood, Sweat & Tears                               Blood, Sweat & Tears                              
Bloodline                                          Bloodline - 1994 - Bloodline                      
Blue Cheer                                         Blue Cheer - 1968 - Vincebus Eruptum              
                                                   Blue Cheer - Dining With The Sharks               
                                                   Blue Cheer - New! Improved! 1969                  
                                                   Blue Cheer - Pleasant Hope (Last Album of US Heavy
                                                   Outside Inside                                    
                                                   What Doesn't Kill You                             
Blue Jug                                           Blue Jug                                          
Blue Mountain                                      Dog Days                                          
                                                   Home Grown                                        
                                                   Midnight In Mississippi                           
Blue ™yster Cult                                   Agents Of Fortune                                 
                                                   Blue ™yster Cult                                  
                                                   Club Ninja                                        
                                                   Cultosaurus Erectus                               
                                                   Fire Of Unknown Origin                            
                                                   Heaven Forbid                                     
                                                   On Your Feet or On Your Knees                     
                                                   San Francisco Sep 8th 1980 (1)                    
                                                   San Francisco Sep 8th 1980 (2)                    
                                                   Secret Treaties                                   
                                                   Some Enchanted Evening                            
                                                   The Revolution By Night                           
                                                   Tyranny And Mutation                              
                                                   Waldorf SF Sep 8th 1980 (2)                       
                                                   Workshop of the Telescopes                        
Blues sampler                                      Chicago Blues Harmonica                           
Blues Traveler                                     Four                                              
                                                   Live From The Fall [Disc 1]                       
                                                   Live From The Fall [Disc 2]                       
Bo Diddey                                          Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley                           
                                                   Boston Common Jul 28th 1970                       
Boatz                                              Boatz                                             
Bob Dylan                                          Bob Dylan - Another Side Of Bob Dylan             
                                                   Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde                      
                                                   Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan                             
                                                   Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home             
                                                   Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited                  
                                                   Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding                   
                                                   Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline                     
                                                   Bob Dylan - Self Portrait                         
                                                   Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan            
                                                   Bob Dylan - They Times They Are A-Changin'        
                                                   Bob Dylan 2001.07.03 Borgholm 2001 - Sweden       
                                                   Hard Rain [Live]                                  
Bob Seger                                          Beautiful Loser                                   
                                                   Chicago - 12-1-1978                               
                                                   Chicago - 12-1-1978(2)                            
                                                   Live In Denver (1973)                             
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band                 Against The Wind                                  
                                                   Hartford Dec 28th 1983                            
                                                   Night Moves                                       
                                                   Nine Tonight [Live]                               
                                                   Stranger In Town                                  
Boney James                                        Shine                                             
Bonnie Bramlett                                    Bonnie Bramlett - Sweet Bonnie Bramlett           
                                                   Bottom Line May 1st 1978 Early and Late Show      
Bonnie Prince Billy                                Wolfroy Goes To Town (2011)                       
Bonnie Rait & Little Feat                          Sofa Blues                                        
Bonnie Raitt                                       85-08-31 - Bumpershoot Arts Festival - Seattle, WA
                                                   Bonnie Raitt                                      
                                                   Give It Up                                        
                                                   I Ain't Blue ( 1971 Bootleg )                     
                                                   Live At Montreaux 1977                            
                                                   Live In The Rainbow Room, Philadelphia - 1972 (Wmm
                                                   Luck Of The Draw                                  
                                                   Nick Of Time                                      
                                                   Palace Theater Jan 24th, 1974                     
                                                   Takin' My Time - Streetlights                     
                                                   The Best Of Bonnie Raitt                          
Boonie Koloc                                       After All This Time                               
                                                   At Her Best - Love Yourself In The Am             
                                                   Boonie Koloc                                      
                                                   Hold On To Me                                     
Boston                                             Boston                                            
                                                   Boston- Greatest Hits                             
Brad Paisley                                       5th Gear                                          
                                                   American Saturday Night                           
                                                   Fort Worth Tx Dec 18th 1999                       
                                                   Time Well Wasted                                  
Bread                                              Anthology                                         
Brewer & Shippley                                  Brewer & Shippley - Weeds                         
Brother Brooks                                     The Brothers Brooks                               
Brothers Of The Southland                          Dixie Highway                                     
Bruce Cockburn                                     Nov 2 1984                                        
Bruce Hornsby                                      1989.06.24 - Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluri
                                                   Hot House                                         
                                                   Telluride Bluegrass Festivial (1)                 
Bruce Hornsby and the Range                        Ritz NYC Feb 2nd, 1987                            
Bruce Springsteen                                  Born To Run                                       
                                                   Darkness On The Edge Of Town                      
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   Winterland Dec 15th 1978 (2)                      
                                                   Winterland Dec 15th 1978 (3)                      
Bruse Springteen                                   Winterland Dec 15th 1978 (1)                      
BTO and BOA                                        Two Lives Shows                                   
Buddha Music                                       Buddha Grooves Vol. 5 Special Edition             
                                                   Buddha Sounds                                     
                                                   Lynn Jim Scottie Abby                             
                                                   Stalactite Revolve - Children of Jah              
Buddist Monks                                      Buddist Chant                                     
Buffalo Springfield                                Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield         
                                                   Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again   
Buffy Sainte-Marie                                 Buffy Sainte-Marie - It's My Way! (1964)          
                                                   Buffy Sainte-Marie - Many A Mile (1965)           
                                                   Buffy Sainte-Marie - Up Where We Belong           
Bugs Bunny & Friends                               Bugs And Friends Sing The Beatles                 
Burl Ives                                          Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer                    
Cactus                                             1971-WLIR Broadcast                               
                                                   Fully Unleashed the Live Gigs [Disc 1]            
                                                   Fully Unleashed The Live Gigs [Disc 2]            
                                                   One Way...Or Another                              
                                                   Ot 'N' Sweaty                                     
Caf‚ Del Mar                                       Caf‚ Del Mar, Vol. 14 [Disc 2]                    
Camel                                              Camel- Mirage                                     
                                                   The Snow Goose                                    
                                                   Unevensongs (BBC 77 boot)                         
Can                                                K”ln April 28th, 1976                             
Canned Heat                                        1970 - Canned Heat '70 Concert - Recorded Live In 
                                                   1970 - Cookbook - The Best Of Canned Heat         
                                                   1970 - Hooker 'N Heat                             
                                                   1970 - Live at Topanga Corral aka Kaleidoscope    
                                                   1970 - Vintage                                    
                                                   1971 - Live At The Turku Rock Festival Finland    
                                                   1972 - Historical Figures & Ancient Heads         
                                                   1972 - The new Age                                
                                                   1972 - WBCN Studios Boston - Radio Broadcast FM (B
                                                   1973 - Memphis Heat                               
                                                   Canned Heat - Boogie With Canned Heat             
                                                   Canned Heat - Canned Heat                         
                                                   Canned Heat - Hallelujah                          
                                                   Canned Heat - Live In Europe                      
                                                   Canned Heat - Living the Blues (1969)             
                                                   Canned Heat - Same (1967)                         
                                                   Canned Heat With John Lee Hooker - Live At Carnegi
                                                   Future Blues                                      
                                                   The Boogie House Tapes 1967-1976 [[Disc 1]] [Origi
                                                   The Boogie House Tapes, Vol. 2 [Disc 2]           
                                                   Uncanned! The Best Of Canned Heat [Disc 1]        
                                                   Uncanned! The Best Of Canned Heat [Disc 2]        
                                                   Woodstock 10th Anniversary Concert 1979 [Original 
Carly Simon                                        Coming Around Again                               
                                                   Greatest Hits Live                                
                                                   Into White                                        
                                                   No Secrets                                        
Carole King                                        Tapestry                                          
Cat Stevens                                        Collected (1)                                     
                                                   Collected [Disc 2]                                
                                                   Collected [Disc 3]                                
                                                   Tea For Tillerman                                 
                                                   The Very Best Of Cat Stevens                      
Celtic Woman                                       Celtic Woman                                      
Charlie Daniels                                    Honey In The Rock                                 
Charlie Hunter & Pound For Pound                   Jazzno Festival - October 30, 1998                
Cheap Trick                                        At Budokan                                        
Chet Atkins                                        Caribbean_Guitar                                  
                                                   Down Home                                         
                                                   The Essential Chet Atkins                         
Chicago                                            1977-06-20 Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale (1)        
                                                   1977-06-20 Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale (2)        
                                                   Chicago Transit Authority                         
                                                   Greatest Hits Vol 1                               
                                                   Louisville  06-12-1974 KY (1)                     
                                                   Louisville  06-12-1974 KY (2)                     
Chicken Shack                                      Stan The Man (2)                                  
                                                   Unlucky Boy                                       
Chris Gates                                        Ain't it Grand                                    
Chris Smithers                                     Lenox Music InnJu l28 1973                        
Chris Squire                                       Fish Out Of Water                                 
Chuck Leavell                                      Chuck Leavell-Forever Blue_ Solo Piano            
                                                   Live in Germany (Green Leaves & Blue Notes Tour)  
Claude Challe                                      Buddha-Bar [Disc 1]                               
                                                   Buddha-Bar [Disc 2]                               
Climax Blues Band                                  1969-Climax Chicago Blues Band                    
                                                   1969-Plays On                                     
                                                   1970-A Lot Of Bottle                              
                                                   1973-FM Live                                      
                                                   1973-The Harvest Years 69-72                      
                                                   1974-Live Seattle (Bootleg)                       
                                                   1975-Stamp Album                                  
                                                   1976 Gold Plated                                  
                                                   1976-Couldn't Get It Right                        
                                                   1977-Shine On (vinyl rip)                         
                                                   1979-Real To Reel                                 
                                                   1980-Flying The Flag                              
                                                   1981-Lucky For Some                               
                                                   1983-Sample And Hold                              
                                                   1984-Collection '77-'83                           
                                                   1988-Drastic Steps                                
                                                   1993-Blues From The Attic                         
                                                   1994-25 years CD1                                 
                                                   1994-25 years CD2                                 
                                                   2004-Big Blues                                    
                                                   Jan  19 1974 (2)  and Dec 19 1976                 
                                                   Passaic NJ Jan 19th 1974                          
                                                   Rich Man (1972]                                   
                                                   Sense Of Direction                                
                                                   Tightly Knit                                      
Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit      Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit [Liv
Collegium Musicum                                  Live 1973                                         
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen            Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen         
                                                   Country Casanova                                  
                                                   Flying Dreams                                     
                                                   Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Trucker's Favorites       
                                                   Live From Deep In The Heart Of Texas              
                                                   Lost In The Ozone                                 
                                                   Rock 'N' Roll Again                               
                                                   We've Got A Live One Here!                        
                                                   Xx-Xx-1969 Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, MI 'Next To 
Complete Abandon                                   Super Friends Team Up!                            
Cooder Browne                                      Cooder Browne                                     
Cool Feet                                          Cool Feet                                         
Copperhead                                         Copperhead Winterland sep 1 1973                  
Cosmic Travellers                                  Live! At the Spring Crater Celebration Diamond Hea
Cosmos                                             The Music Of Cosmos                               
Country Joe                                        Parr Meadows Sep 7th, 1979                        
Country Joe & The Fish                             Country Joe & The Fish - Here We Are Again        
                                                   Country Joe & The Fish - I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To
                                                   Electric Music For The Mind And Body              
Cowboy                                             Boyer And Talton                                  
                                                   The Best Of Cowboy; A Different Time              
                                                   Why Quit When Your Losing (2)                     
                                                   Why Quit When You're Losing                       
Cowboy (T. Talton - B. Stewart - J. Sandlin)       Happy To Be Alive                                 
Cowboy Mouth                                       Are You With Me-                                  
                                                   Voodoo Shoppe                                     
Crain, Tommy & The Crosstown Allstars              Give It To Ya'                                    
Crawler                                            Crawler nov 17 1977                               
Crazy Horse                                        Crazy Horse - At Crooked Lake                     
                                                   Crazy Horse - Crazy Horse                         
                                                   Crazy Horse - Crazy Moon                          
                                                   Crazy Horse - Loose                               
Cream                                              Cream - Disraeli Gears                            
                                                   Cream - Fresh Cream                               
                                                   The Very Best Of Cream                            
Creedence Clearwater Revival                       Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country      
                                                   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory    
                                                   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Clearwate
                                                   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River        
                                                   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Mardi Gras         
                                                   Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willy & The Poor Bo
                                                   Jam Session With Booker T Jones                   
                                                   Keep On Chooglin' [Disc 1]                        
                                                   Keep On Chooglin' [Disc 2]                        
Crosby & Nash                                      Crosby & Nash - Graham Nash David Crosby          
Crosby, Stills & Nash                              Greatest Hits                                     
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young                       4 Way Street [Disc 2] [Live]                      
                                                   American Dream                                    
                                                   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Find The Cost Of Fr
                                                   Four Way Street [Disc 1] [Live]                   
                                                   Roosevelt Raceway Sep 8th 1974 (1)                
                                                   Roosevelt Raceway Sep 8th 1974 (2)                
Cross Canadian Ragweed                             (The Purple Album)                                
                                                   Happiness and All the Other Things                
                                                   Mission California                                
                                                   Soul Gravy                                        
Dan Fogelberg                                      Dan Fogelberg Live- Greetings From The West       
                                                   Dan Fogelberg Live- Greetings From The West [Disc 
                                                   Full Circle                                       
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   High Country Snows                                
                                                   Madison Square Garden, New York, NY May 29th 1984 
                                                   Misc Live Cuts (1)                                
                                                   Misc Live Cuts (2) (Sep 8th 1997)                 
                                                   Nether Lands                                      
                                                   River of Souls                                    
                                                   Something Old, New, Borrowed And Some Blues       
                                                   The Innocent Age [Disc 1]                         
                                                   The Innocent Age [Disc 2]                         
                                                   The Wild Places                                   
                                                   Windows And Walls                                 
                                                   Wis Oct 31st 1991 (1)                             
                                                   Wis Oct 31st 1991 (2)                             
Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg                       Twin Sons Of Different Mothers                    
Dark New Day                                       Twelve Year Silence                               
Dark Sun                                           Dark Sun - A Journey Through Space (2004-2005)    
Darlene Zschech                                    Shout To The Lord                                 
Darren Korb                                        Bastion (Original Soundtrack)                     
Daryl Hall and John Oates                          Hall & Oates - (1983) Greatest Hits               
Dave Clack Five                                    Rock                                              
Dave Koz                                           Lucky Man                                         
Dave Mason                                         Alone Together                                    
                                                   Dave Mason - Headkeeper                           
                                                   DMason -  Berekely  06-02-1979 CA (FM)            
Dave Matthews                                      Story Teller                                      
Dave Matthews Band                                 Crash                                             
David Bowie                                        Station To Station                                
                                                   The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spider
David Crosby                                       It's All Coming Back To Me Now                    
David Lee Roth                                     Diamond Dave                                      
David Miles Huber                                  Distant Shores                                    
David Sanborn                                      As We Speak                                       
                                                   Love Songs                                        
                                                   Songs From The Night Before                       
                                                   Taking Off                                        
                                                   The Best Of David Sanborn                         
Dean Martin                                        A Winter Romance                                  
                                                   Dean Martin - Singles                             
Deep Purple                                        Long Beach Feb 27, 1976                           
                                                   Long Beach Feb 27, 1976 (2)                       
                                                   Machine Head                                      
                                                   Shades Of Deep Purple                             
                                                   The Book Of Tailspin                              
                                                   The Book Of Taliesyn                              
Def Leppard                                        Vault- Def Leppard's Greatest Hits                
Delaney & Bonnie                                   A&R Studio 1971-07-22                             
                                                   The Best Of Delaney And Bonnie                    
Delbert McClinton                                  Second Wind                                       
Derek & The Dominos                                Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs                 
Devil's Kitchen                                    Family Dog (1)                                    
                                                   Family Dog (2)                                    
Dickey Betts                                       (1974) Highway Call                               
                                                   Dickey Betts - 1981 - Night                       
                                                   Dickey Betts Band - Lone Star Roadhouse 1988      
Dickey Betts Band                                  Pattern Disruptive                                
Dicky Betts & Great Southern                       Altanta's Burning Down                            
Dicky Betts & The Great American Music Show        Winterland Dec 14th, 1974 (1)                     
                                                   Winterland Dec 14th, 1974 (2)                     
Dire Straits                                       Dire Straits                                      
                                                   Goin' Home                                        
Dixie Chicks                                       Fly                                               
                                                   Taking The Long Way                               
                                                   Wide Open Spaces                                  
Dixie Dregs                                        Bring 'Em Back Alive [Live]                       
                                                   Dixie Dregs - 1975 - The Great Spectacular        
                                                   Full Circle                                       
                                                   Live In New York 1981 My Father's Place           
                                                   Sigma Sound Phil Pa Jun 6th 1979                  
Doc Holliday                                       Doc Holliday Rides Again                          
                                                   Modern Medicine                                   
Doc Watson                                         Raleigh, NC - 04-23-94                            
Doc Watson & Chet Atkins                           Reflections                                       
Doc Watson and Taj Mahal                           01 Intro_Corrina.mp3                              
                                                   02 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms.mp3               
                                                   03 My Creole Belle.mp3                            
                                                   04 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down.mp3                
                                                   05 Intros.mp3                                     
                                                   06 Blue Railroad Train.mp3                        
                                                   07 East Tennessee_Beaumond Rag.mp3                
                                                   08 St. James Infirmary.mp3                        
                                                   09 Streamline Cannonball.mp3                      
                                                   10 Stormy Monday.mp3                              
                                                   11 Talk.mp3                                       
                                                   12 Cakewalk into Town.mp3                         
                                                   13 Instrumental.mp3                               
                                                   14 Long Gone.mp3                                  
                                                   15 Talking.mp3                                    
                                                   16 Johnny Too Bad.mp3                             
                                                   17 Deep River Blues.mp3                           
                                                   18 Midnight Train.mp3                             
                                                   19 Talking.mp3                                    
                                                   20 Instrumental.mp3                               
                                                   21 Hello and Intros.mp3                           
                                                   22 T for Texas.mp3                                
                                                   23 Florida Blues.mp3                              
                                                   24 Talking.mp3                                    
                                                   25 Deep Elem Blues_Credits.mp3                    
Don McLean                                         Bottom Line Feb 2nd 1977                          
Donovan                                            1969 - Donovan - Barabajagal                      
                                                   Donovan - A Gift from a Flower to a Garden [24-96]
                                                   Donovan - Fairytale                               
                                                   Donovan - In Concert                              
                                                   Donovan - Mellow Yellow                           
                                                   Donovan - Open Road[Remastered 2000][1970]@320    
                                                   Donovan - Sunshine Superman 1966                  
                                                   Donovan - What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid       
                                                   Donovan (1970) Gramofonovy Klub CZ                
                                                   Donovan-Cosmic wheels-1973                        
                                                   Donovan's Greatest Hits                           
Dr John                                            Dr John Nov 8 1978 Bottom Line                    
                                                   Dr. John & The Bonnaroo Review                    
Dr. Hector and The Groove Injectors                Bad Connection                                    
                                                   Cure For The Common Groove                        
Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show                     Bottom Line Jan 25th, 1978                        
Drive-By Truckers                                  Southern Rock Opera - Act I                       
                                                   Southern Rock Opera - Act II                      
Duane Allman                                       An Anthology (1)                                  
                                                   An Anthology (2)                                  
                                                   Duane Allman- An Anthology, Volume II             
Duke Jupiter                                       Sweet Cheeks                                      
Earl Scruggs                                       earl scruggs rev 3 28 1976 Wash DC                
                                                   My Father's Place May 31st, 1979                  
                                                   The Earl Scruggs Revue - Live At Kansas State  (19
                                                   The Earl Scruggs Revue - Rockin' Cross The Country
                                                   The Earl Scruggs Revue- Anniversary Special, Volum
Earl Scruggs Revue, The                            Where The Lillies Bloom                           
Eat A Peach                                        Turbulence & Thunder                              
Echoes Of Nature                                   Morning Songbirds                                 
Eddie Money                                        Super Hits                                        
Edgar Winter                                       White Trash                                       
Edgar Winter Group                                 Pitts PA Nov 3rd 1972                             
Edie Brickell                                      Picture Perfect Morning                           
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians                  Ghost Of A Dog                                    
                                                   Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars                 
                                                   Stranger Things                                   
Edwin McCain                                       Honor Among Thieves                               
                                                   Music Farm Jan 6Th,1989 Charleston SC (1)         
                                                   Music Farm Jan 6Th,1989 Charleston SC (2)         
Electric Light Orchestra                           Live At The BBC (CD 1)                            
                                                   Live At The BBC (CD 2)                            
Elliott And The Untouchables                       Danger Zone                                       
                                                   Smokin' The Blues                                 
Elton John                                         Goodbye Yellow Brick Road                         
                                                   Love Songs                                        
                                                   Starlight Theatre  07-07-1982 Kansas Cit          
Elvin Bishop                                       Ace In The Hole                                   
                                                   Don't Let The Bossman Get You Down!               
                                                   Hog Heaven                                        
                                                   Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby                 
                                                   Juke Joint Jump                                   
                                                   Let It Flow                                       
                                                   Live! Raisin' Hell                                
                                                   Sacramento Ca Apr 3rd 1976                        
                                                   Struttin' My Stuff                                
                                                   The Blues Rolls On                                
Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey Smothers              That's My Partner!                                
Elvin Bishop Group                                 Keystone Korner SF Ca Mar 17 1971 (1)             
                                                   Keystone Korner SF Ca Mar 17 1971 (2)             
Elvis Presley                                      Hello Memphis (3-16-74 AS)                        
Emerson, Lake And Palmer                           Best Of Emerson, Lake & Palmer                    
                                                   Brain Salad Surgery                               
                                                   Dec 11th, 1977 Wheeling Civic Center              
                                                   Dec 11th, 1977 Wheeling Civic Center (2)          
                                                   Emerson, Lake & Palmer                            
Emmylou Harris                                     Cowgirl's Prayer                                  
                                                   Elite Hotel                                       
                                                   Nov 25 1975 London Eng                            
                                                   Pieces Of The Sky                                 
                                                   Red Dirt Girl                                     
                                                   Roses In The Snow                                 
                                                   Stumble Into Grace                                
                                                   The Very Best Of Emmylou Harris- Heartaches And Hi
                                                   White Shoes                                       
                                                   Wrecking Ball                                     
Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers                 At The Ryman [Live]                               
Enya                                               Paint The Sky With Stars- The Best Of Enya        
Eric Church                                        Carolina                                          
Eric Clapton                                       461 Ocean Boulevard                               
                                                   Cowboy Here and Now (1)                           
                                                   Cowboy Here and Now (2)                           
                                                   Eric Clapton - Selftitled (1st Album UK 1970) (2CD
                                                   Eric Clapton Disc 1                               
                                                   Eric Clapton Disc 2                               
                                                   From The Cradle                                   
                                                   The Cream Of Clapton                              
                                                   Time Pieces- The Best Of Eric Clapton             
Eric Clapton & Duane Allman                        Duane Allman & Eric Clapton - Studio Jams Criteria
Etta James                                         Tell Mama                                         
Eva Cassidy                                        Eva Cassidy - The Best Of Eva Cassidy (2012)      
Fallenrock                                         Watch For Fallingrock                             
Far East Family Band                               Nipponjin                                         
Fernando Ortega                                    Home                                              
Firsthand                                          Delivered                                         
Flatt & Scruggs                                    Foggy Mountain Jamboree                           
Fleetwood Mac                                      Fleetwood Mac - The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions
                                                   Fleetwood Mac - The Warehouse, New Orleans 1970 MP
                                                   Fleetwood Mac - Trodd Nossel Studios 1975 (@320) (
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   Kiln House                                        
                                                   Mystery To Me                                     
                                                   Stockholm Sweeden Mar 3rd 1969                    
                                                   The Dance                                         
Fluke                                              Puppy                                             
Foghat                                             Energized                                         
                                                   Live II                                           
                                                   Night Shift                                       
                                                   Spectrum Phil, Pa Dec 18th 1976                   
                                                   Stone Blue                                        
                                                   The Best Of Foghat                                
                                                   WPLR Studios, Dallas TX, January 1974             
Foreigner                                          Aug 26 1981                                       
                                                   Ommi Atlanta Nov 30th 1979                        
Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin                        A Swingin' Night At The Sabre Room                
Frank Zappa                                        Apostrophe                                        
                                                   Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa, CD 01      
                                                   Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa, CD 02      
                                                   Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa, CD 03      
                                                   Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa, CD 04      
                                                   Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa, CD 05      
                                                   Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa, CD 06      
                                                   Frank Zappa - Burnt Weeny Sandwich                
                                                   Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge 1970               
                                                   Frank Zappa - The Ahoy Rotterdam 1980 Part 1 MP3  
                                                   Hot Rats                                          
                                                   Lumpy Gravey                                      
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention             Weasels Ripped My Flesh                           
Frank Zappa & the Mother's of Invention            Fillmore West Nov 6th, 1970                       
Fred Neil                                          Bleecker & MacDougal                              
Free                                               Chronicles [Disc 2]                               
                                                   Chronicles- The Very Best Of Free [Disc 1]        
                                                   Free - Fire And Water 1970                        
                                                   Free - Free 1969                                  
                                                   Free -Tons Of Sobs (1968)                         
Freedom and Whiskey                                Freedom And Whiskey - Same (2003)                 
Frogwings                                          Croakin' At Toad's                                
Frostbit Blue                                      Ice Breaker                                       
Gary & Randy Scruggs                               The Scruggs Brothers                              
Gary Moore                                         One Night In Dublin (2006)                        
Genesis                                            All The Help I Can Get                            
                                                   G‚nesis - 1973 - Selling England by the Pound     
                                                   Genesis - From Genesis to Revelation (1st Album UK
                                                   Genesis (A Trick Of The Tail)                     
                                                   Hogweed 01 - Massey Hall, Toronto, 8 Nov 1973     
                                                   Invisible Touch                                   
George Carlin                                      A Place For My Stuff!                             
                                                   An Evening With Wally Londo                       
                                                   Class Clown                                       
                                                   Occupation Foole                                  
                                                   On Campus                                         
                                                   On The Road                                       
                                                   Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics                 
                                                   Playin' With Your Head                            
                                                   Toledo Window Box                                 
George Harrison                                    All Things Must Pass [Disc 1]                     
                                                   All Things Must Pass [Disc 2]                     
                                                   Cloud Nine                                        
                                                   Concert For The Natural Law Party 1992 [Disc 1]   
                                                   Dark Horse                                        
                                                   Hari & The HiJack Band                            
                                                   Live In Washington '74                            
                                                   Living In The Material World (Russian Edition)    
George Hatcher Band                                Dry Run                                           
                                                   George Hatcher Band - 1977 - Talkin' Turkey       
                                                   George Hatcher Band - 1978 - Rich Girl            
                                                   George Hatcher Band - 1982 - Coming Home          
                                                   George Hatcher Band 1977 Have Band Will Travel    
                                                   The Concert Programme BBC 1                       
George McCorkle                                    American Street                                   
George Thorogood                                   Warfild Theatre Feb 22, 1985 (1)                  
                                                   Warfild Theatre Feb 22, 1985 (2)                  
George Thorogood & The Destroyers                  The Baddest Of George Thorogood & The Destroyers  
Georgia Satellites                                 Live at the Ritx 1987 KBFH                        
Ghost Riders                                       Back To The Rock                                  
Gillian Welch                                      Soul Journey                                      
Gladstone                                          Gladstone                                         
Glenn Yarbrough                                    NamaI?rieI^                                       
                                                   The Hobbit (Green Cover)                          
Goose Creek Symphony                               Goose Creek Symphony - est. 1970                  
                                                   The Goose Is Loose                                
                                                   Welcome To Goose Creek                            
Gordon Lightfoot                                   - The Legendary Soundstage Special 1979           
                                                   Gordon Lightfoot - Did She Mention My Name        
                                                   Gordon Lightfoot - Lightfoot!                     
                                                   Read My Mind- Live In Montreux 1976               
                                                   Summertime Dream                                  
                                                   The United Artists Collection [Disc 1]            
                                                   The United Artists Collection [Disc 2]            
                                                   The Way I Feel                                    
Gov't Mule                                         Deja Voodoo                                       
                                                   The Deep End, Vol. 1                              
Grand Funk                                         We're An American Band                            
Grand Funk Railroad                                30 Years Of Funk [Disc 3]                         
                                                   30 Years Of Funk- 1969-1999 [Disc 2]              
                                                   Caught In The Act                                 
                                                   Closer To Home                                    
                                                   E Pluribus Funk                                   
                                                   Grand Funk- Thirty Years Of Funk- 1969-1999-The An
                                                   Live Album                                        
                                                   Locomotion '82 CD 1                               
Granf Funk                                         Shinin' On                                        
Grateful Dead                                      10-26-71 Rochester, NY [Disc 1]                   
                                                   10-26-71 Rochester, NY [Disc 2]                   
                                                   6-21-84 Ontario, CN                               
                                                   7-31-03 - HiFiBuys Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA [Disc
                                                   Built To Last                                     
                                                   Dead Set [Live]                                   
                                                   EMusicGrateful DeadSpringfield Cremery Benefit 8-2
                                                   EMusicGrateful DeadTwo From The Vault [Live] [Disc
                                                   Europe '72 [Disc 1]                               
                                                   Europe '72 [Disc 2]                               
                                                   GD - 1971-07-02 Filmore West                      
                                                   Grateful Dead - Blues Ruffs 1975 [4 Discs]        
                                                   Grateful Dead Download Series Vol. 2- Springer's I
                                                   Grateful Dead Download Series, Vol. 6- Carousel Ba
                                                   Grateful Dead From the Mars Hotel                 
                                                   HiFiBuys Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA (7-31-03)      
                                                   In The Dark                                       
                                                   Reckoning [Live]                                  
                                                   Springfield Cremery Benefit 8-27-73 (3)           
                                                   The Grateful Dead Movie [Disc 5]                  
                                                   The Grateful Dead Movie [Live] [Disc 1]           
                                                   The Grateful Dead Movie [Live] [Disc 2]           
                                                   The Grateful Dead Movie [Live] [Disc 3]           
                                                   The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack [Live] [Disc 4]
                                                   Two From The Vault [Live] [Disc 1]                
                                                   Two From The Vault [Live] [Disc 2]                
                                                   Wave That Flag  Aug 1st 2004 (1)                  
                                                   Wave That Flag  Aug 1st 2004 (2)                  
                                                   Wave That Flag  Aug 1st 2004 (3)                  
                                                   Wave That Flag July 24 2004 (1)                   
                                                   Wave That Flag July 24 2004 (2)                   
                                                   Wave That Flag July 24 2004 (3)                   
Gregg Allman                                       Boston Music Hall 4-8-1974                        
                                                   Gregg Allman - 1990 - The Inside Track            
                                                   Gregg Allman - 1995 - Duck Tape Sessions          
                                                   Laid Back                                         
                                                   Low Country Blues                                 
                                                   One More Try- An Anthology                        
                                                   One More Try. An  Anthology                       
                                                   Seaching For Simplicity                           
                                                   The Gregg Allman Tour                             
Gregg Allman & The Alabama All Star Soul Revue     Gregg Allman & The Alabama All Star Soul Revue 10-
                                                   Sloss Furnace, Birmingham,AL 10.08.94 [Disc 2]    
Gregg Allman Band                                  1987 -05-25 wv sb@192                             
                                                   Playin' Up A Storm                                
Gregorian Chants                                   Love Songs                                        
                                                   Love Songs & Ballads [Disc 2]                     
                                                   Song of the Beatles                               
Grin                                               Dec 12 1973                                       
Grinderswitch                                      Ghost Train From Georgia                          
                                                   Grinderswitch 1-Live Tracks                       
                                                   Honest To Goodness                                
                                                   Macon Tracks                                      
Gryphon                                            Midnight Mushrumps                                
Guns N' Roses                                      Live Era '87-'93                                  
                                                   Live Era '87-'93 [Disc 2]                         
Gypsy                                              Gypsy                                             
                                                   In The Garden                                     
Hank Williams                                      40 Greatest Hits [Disc 1]                         
                                                   40 Greatest Hits [Disc 2]                         
Hannah & Elizabeth                                 Hannah & Elizabeth                                
Harry Chapin                                       Hamilton Ontario Canada Jan 8th 1980              
                                                   Harry Chapin - Short Stories                      
Harry Nilsson                                      Personal Best- The Harry Nilsson Anthology [Disc 1
                                                   Personal Best- The Harry Nilsson Anthology [Disc 2
                                                   Secret Tracks                                     
Hawkwind                                           Space Ritual [Live] [Disc 1]                      
                                                   Space Ritual [Live] [Disc 2]                      
Hayseed Dixie                                      A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love              
Head East                                          20th Century Masters- The Millennium Collection- B
Heart                                              Cleveand Nov 17th 1978                            
                                                   Dreamboat Annie                                   
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   Jul 17 1977 LA                                    
                                                   Raleigh NC Aug 31 1985 PT 1                       
                                                   Raleigh NC Pt 2 of 2                              
Hearts Of Space                                    BHAJAN.mp3                                        
                                                   BLUE REGION 2.mp3                                 
                                                   CELTIC HARPESTRY.mp3                              
                                                   CONJURING THE ETERNAL.mp3                         
                                                   CRYSTAL COSMOS.mp3                                
                                                   DESERT CARAVAN.mp3                                
                                                   DISTANT VILLAGE.mp3                               
                                                   DREAM DANCES.mp3                                  
                                                   ETHEREAL CHAOS.mp3                                
                                                   FINGERSTYLE 2.mp3                                 
                                                   FIRST FLIGHT.mp3                                  
                                                   FLOATING WAVES.mp3                                
                                                   GATHERING SPIRITS.mp3                             
                                                   HANG GLIDING.mp3                                  
                                                   HAUNTED BY SPIRITS.mp3                            
                                                   HE CRANE FLIES WEST 2.mp3                         
                                                   HOUSE MADE OF DAWN.mp3                            
                                                   IMAGINARY ROADS.mp3                               
                                                   IMMORTAL MELODIES.mp3                             
                                                   INFINITE GUITARS.mp3                              
                                                   INFINITE LOOPS.mp3                                
                                                   INNERSPACE JOURNEY.mp3                            
                                                   IS NOT ALL ONE.mp3                                
                                                   IVORY, BLACK AND GOLD.mp3                         
                                                   KARUNA (COMPASSION).mp3                           
                                                   KEYS OF GLASS.mp3                                 
                                                   KINGDOM OF THE SUN.mp3                            
                                                   LAND OF POWER.mp3                                 
                                                   LAZY DAYS.mp3                                     
                                                   LIQUID STRINGS.mp3                                
                                                   MAGIC CARPET.mp3                                  
                                                   MAGIC REALISM.mp3                                 
                                                   MAHOGANY NIGHTS.mp3                               
                                                   MISTS OF TIME.mp3                                 
                                                   PLANETARY RHYTHMS.mp3                             
                                                   PLEASURE CRUISE.mp3                               
                                                   RIDING SOLAR WINDS.mp3                            
                                                   RISING SUN.mp3                                    
                                                   SACRED SONGS.mp3                                  
                                                   SMOKE SIGNALS.mp3                                 
                                                   SPACE COWBOYS.mp3                                 
                                                   SPACE GUITARS 1.mp3                               
                                                   SPACE GUITARS 2.mp3                               
                                                   SPACE GUITARS 3.mp3                               
                                                   SYMPHOTRONIC RHAPSODIES.mp3                       
                                                   THE WAY HOME.mp3                                  
                                                   THROUGH THE VEIL.mp3                              
                                                   TWILIGHT EARTH.mp3                                
                                                   VIRTUAL DREAM BELLS.mp3                           
                                                   XIN LING.mp3                                      
Heartsfield                                        Foolish Pleasures                                 
                                                   Rescue The Dog                                    
                                                   The Wonder Of It All                              
HEM                                                Funnel Cloud                                      
Henry Paul Band                                    Agora Ballroom                                    
                                                   Grey Ghost                                        
                                                   Henry Paul                                        
                                                   Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island 1979      
                                                   The Bayou 1979                                    
Herbie Mann                                        Bottom Line Jan 21st, 1978                        
                                                   Push Push                                         
High Cotton                                        High Cotton                                       
Horse                                              Horse                                             
Hot Tuna                                           Burgers                                           
                                                   Double Dose (1)                                   
                                                   Double Dose (2)                                   
                                                   Fillmore West May 4th, 1988 (1)                   
                                                   Fillmore West May 4th, 1988 (2)                   
                                                   First Pull Up, Then Pull Down                     
                                                   Hot Tuna                                          
                                                   Hot Tuna - America's Choice (Classic Album US 1975
                                                   Live At Sweetwater                                
                                                   The Phosphorescent Rat                            
Howard Shore                                       The Lord Of The Rings- The Fellowship Of The Ring 
Howlin' Wolf                                       stefan-te_Howlin' Wolf-The Chess Box[1991MP3-V0(VB
Huey Lewis and The News                            Huey Lewis Apr 6 1982                             
                                                   Portland, OR 3-26-87                              
Humble Pie                                         1973 - Eat It                                     
                                                   Hot 'N' Nasty                                     
                                                   Rockin' The Fillmore                              
                                                   Ruite 66-Live In LA & PA                          
                                                   Winterland May 6th 1973                           
Iron Butterfly                                     Ball                                              
                                                   In A Gadda Da Vida                                
                                                   Iron Butterfly - Heavy (1st Album US 1968) (@256) 
                                                   Iron Butterfly - Sun and Steel (1976) @256        
                                                   Rehearsals Demos Radio Vol 1                      
J Geilds Band                                      Augusta Me Oct 24, 1975                           
J.R.R. Tolkien                                     01 The Hobbit (Rankin & Bass).mp3                 
Jack Pearson & The Nationals                       Live 1997                                         
Jackson Browne                                     Hold Out & Pretender                              
                                                   I'm Alive                                         
                                                   Running On Empty                                  
                                                   Sycamore grove Park Jun 1 2008 (1)                
                                                   Sycamore grove Park Jun 1 2008 (2)                
Jacob's Fred Jazz Odysey                           Yoshi's Oakland Mar 20th, 2004                    
James Cotton                                       JCB Fillmore W Jun 20th 1966 Winterland Jun 15 197
                                                   SMU Feb 25th 1973                                 
James Darren                                       Album 1                                           
                                                   This One's From The Heart                         
James Gang                                         James Gang - Thirds (Great Album US 1971) (@256)  
                                                   Live In Concert                                   
                                                   Passin' Thru                                      
                                                   Rides Again                                       
                                                   Yer' Album                                        
James Solberg Band                                 One Of These Days                                 
James Taylor                                       Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   James Taylor - James Taylor                       
                                                   Mansfield Ma Aug 25th 1994 (1)                    
                                                   Mansfield Ma Aug 25th 1994 (2)                    
                                                   May 24th, 1970                                    
                                                   Sweet Baby James                                  
Janis Joplin                                       Anthology                                         
                                                   Aug 8th 1970                                      
                                                   Janis Joplin - I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Ma
                                                   Janis Joplin - Toronto 06-28-1970                 
Janis Joplin & Big Brother and the Holding Company June 16th 1968 Live                               
Janis Joplin & Full Tilt Boogie                    Check.mp3                                         
                                                   Half Moon.mp3                                     
                                                   Janis Joplin.txt                                  
                                                   Kozmic Blues.mp3                                  
                                                   Mercedez Benz  Acapulco.mp3                       
                                                   Mercedez Benz.mp3                                 
                                                   Move Over.mp3                                     
                                                   My Baby.mp3                                       
                                                   Piece of My Heart.mp3                             
                                                   Tell Mama.mp3                                     
Jay Boy Adams                                      Fork In The Road                                  
Jean-Luc Ponty                                     Imaginary Voyage                                  
                                                   Phil Pa Oct 10th, 1978 PT 1                       
                                                   Sunday Walk                                       
                                                   The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty                   
                                                   Tower Theatre Oct 21 1978 (2)                     
Jeff Beck                                          Best Of Beck                                      
Jefferson Airplane                                 2400 Fulton Street [Disc 1]                       
                                                   2400 Fulton Street [Disc 2]                       
                                                   Bless Its Pointed Little Head                     
                                                   Family Dog  06-13-1969 SF (FM)                    
                                                   Hal's Death D1                                    
                                                   Hal's Death D2                                    
                                                   Hal's Death D3                                    
                                                   Hal's Death D4                                    
                                                   Jefferson Airplane - 9-6-69 - Family Dog at the Gr
                                                   Jefferson Airplane - After Bathing At Baxters     
                                                   Jefferson Airplane - Bark                         
                                                   Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation            
                                                   Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow          
                                                   Jefferson Airplane - Thirty Seconds Over Winterlan
                                                   Matrix, SF Feb 1st 1968 (1)                       
                                                   Matrix, SF Feb 1st 1968 (2)                       
                                                   The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane                   
Jerry Garcia                                       Jerry Garcia - Compliments                        
                                                   Jerry Garcia - Reflections                        
Jerry Garcia Band                                  83-05-31 The Roseland Ballroom, NY                
                                                   Club Casino Ballroom  Aug 13th 1984               
                                                   Jerry Garcia Band - Cats Under The Stars          
                                                   Lion's Share 19720116                             
                                                   Winterland Dec 20th 1975 (1)                      
                                                   Winterland Dec 20th 1975 (2)                      
Jerry Reed                                         Guitar Man                                        
                                                   Sep 22, 1983                                      
                                                   Smokey and the Bandit                             
Jethro Tull                                        Aqualung                                          
                                                   Hippodome London Fev 10 1977                      
                                                   Jethro Tull Christmas Album                       
                                                   Original Masters                                  
                                                   Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young To Die        
Jim Croce                                          Photographs & Memories                            
Jimi Hendrix                                       92u                                               
                                                   Acoustic Jams 1                                   
                                                   Acoustic Jams 2                                   
                                                   At The Beeb                                       
                                                   Band Of Gypsys                                    
                                                   Cherokee Mist                                     
                                                   Electric Ladyland                                 
                                                   Jimi  Hendrix 1969.05.03 Busted in Toronto - Ontar
                                                   Jimi Blues                                        
                                                   jimi hendrix  - Rainbow Bridge (Vinyl Rip) 1971   
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Early Instrumentals (1992)         
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Haleakala  07-30-1970 Maui         
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Midnight Lightning                 
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Midnight Lightning (1975)          
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Stages1                            
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Stages3                            
                                                   Jimi Hendrix - Stages4                            
                                                   Jimi Hendrix & Freinds - Cafe Au Go Go NYC 3-17-68
                                                   Jimi Hendrix 1967.02.04 Have Mercy on Me Baby - Fl
                                                   Jimi Hendrix 1969.01.17 Burning At Frankfurt - Ger
                                                   Jimi Hendrix Studio Sessions Vol.2, 6CDs box-set [
                                                   Jimi Hendrix-Drone Blues [MP3]                    
                                                   Marshall Man - Ax Slinger (1)                     
                                                   Marshall Man - Ax Slinger (2)                     
                                                   Marshall Man - Ax Slinger (3)                     
                                                   Midnight Lightning Revisted                       
                                                   The Cry Of Love                                   
                                                   The Ross Tapes 02 A                               
                                                   The Ross Tapes 02 B                               
                                                   The Things I Used to Do                           
                                                   This Flyer-Scorpion Release [Disc 1]              
                                                   This Flyer-Scorpion Release [Disc 2]              
                                                   Winterland Oct 11 1968 Late Show                  
                                                   Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead        
                                                   Woodstock [Live]                                  
Jimi Hendrix & Traffic                             01 - traffic1968jimi - 128.mp3                    
Jimmy Buffett                                      A White Sport Coat And A Pink Crustacean          
                                                   Banana Wind                                       
                                                   Barometer Soup                                    
                                                   Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes        
                                                   Christmas Island                                  
                                                   Coconut Telegraph                                 
                                                   Don't Stop The Carnival                           
                                                   Encores [Disc 2]                                  
                                                   Encores [Live] [Disc 1]                           
                                                   Feeding Frenzy [Live]                             
                                                   Hava¤a Daydreamin'                                
                                                   High Cumberland Jubilee                           
                                                   Hot Water                                         
                                                   Live In Anguilla (1)                              
                                                   Live In Anguilla (2)                              
                                                   Living And Dying In 3-4 Time                      
                                                   Off To See The Lizard                             
                                                   One Particular Harbour                            
                                                   Records Plant feb 19th, 1974                      
                                                   Somewhwere Over China                             
                                                   Songs You Know By Heart                           
                                                   Take the Weather with You                         
                                                   You Had To Be There [Live] [Disc 1]               
                                                   You Had To Be There [Live] [Disc 2]               
Jimmy Hall                                         Rendezvous With The Blues                         
                                                   Touch You                                         
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Hots On For Pittsb Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Hots On For Pittsb
Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson & Brian Auger     Don't Send Me No Flowers (1964)                   
Joan Baez                                          Joan Baez - David's Album                         
Joan Jett                                          Joan Jett - Tokyo 1982                            
Joe Cocker                                         Joe Cocker - Joe Cocker!                          
                                                   Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends   
                                                   Tulsa Assembly Hall Mar 28th, 1976                
Joe Satriani                                       Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards                  
                                                   Joe Satriani                                      
                                                   Santiago Chile Jul 23rd 2008                      
                                                   SD Calif Jun 11th 1988                            
                                                   The Electric Joe Satriani                         
                                                   The Extremist                                     
Joe Walsh                                          1975-02-03 Providence, RI                         
                                                   But Seriously Folks                               
                                                   Joe Walsh - You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind (US 1
                                                   Joe Walsh and Barnstorm Sep 24 1973               
                                                   Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits- Little Did He Know     
                                                   So What                                           
                                                   The Confessor                                     
                                                   The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get          
                                                   Wiltern Theatre 1991                              
                                                   You Bought It - You Name It                       
John Coltrane                                      A Love Supreme                                    
                                                   John Coltrane - Live Trane Underground 1 - 2(1960-
                                                   John Coltrane - Live Trane Underground 11 - 12(196
                                                   John Coltrane - Live Trane Underground 3 - 4(1960-
                                                   John Coltrane - Live Trane Underground 5 - 6(1960-
                                                   John Coltrane - Live Trane Underground 7 - 8(1960-
                                                   John Coltrane - Live Trane Underground 9 - 10(1960
                                                   Ol‚ Coltrane                                      
                                                   Temple University, Philadelphia, PA- 11 November 1
John Fogerty                                       1989-05-27 Oakland Coliseum                       
John Hammond                                       Central Park Aug 17th 1973                        
John Hiatt                                         Beneath This Gruff Exterior                       
                                                   Little Head                                       
                                                   Live From Austin TX                               
                                                   Perfectly Good Guitar                             
                                                   Stolen Moments                                    
                                                   The Tiki Bar Is Open                              
John Lee Hooker                                    John Lee Hooker with the Groundhogs - Hooker & the
                                                   Never Get Out of the Blues Alive                  
John Lennon                                        Acoustic Masterpieces                             
                                                   Borrowed Time- Best Of The Lost Lennon Tapes, Vol.
                                                   Dirty Mac Sessions                                
                                                   Double Fantasy                                    
                                                   Gone From This Place                              
                                                   John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band                    
                                                   Lennon Remembers                                  
                                                   Let's Have A Party                                
                                                   Live In New York City [Live]                      
                                                   Mind Games                                        
                                                   Out The Blue                                      
                                                   Plastic Ono Band 1968-1970                        
                                                   Plastic Ono Band 1968-1970 Disc 2                 
                                                   Plastic Ono Band 1968-1970 Disc 3                 
                                                   Rock 'N' Roll                                     
                                                   Serve Yourself (Vigotone 04)                      
                                                   The Alternate Mind Games & Shaved Fish            
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes                    
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes (9)                
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 2              
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 4              
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 5              
                                                   the Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 7              
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 8              
                                                   The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol.06 [WARLUS 015]
                                                   The Dream Is Over                                 
                                                   The John Lennon Collection                        
                                                   The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 3                       
                                                   The Lost Lennon Tapes, Volume One                 
                                                   The Lost Sleepy Blind Lemon Lennon Album          
                                                   The Working Class Hero                            
                                                   Walls And Bridges                                 
                                                   Watching The Wheels (Vigotone 3)                  
                                                   Yer Blues                                         
John Lennon & Yoko Ono                             John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Life with the Lions      
John Mayall                                        Bottom Line, July 10th, 1977                      
John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers                  Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton 1966              
                                                   Denver 1984                                       
                                                   John Mayall & The Blues Breakers - Bluesbreakers W
John Prine                                         Feb 6 1984 Early Show Rockefeller's               
                                                   John Prine                                        
                                                   Lenox Music Inn Aug 25th 1973                     
John Sebastian                                     Berklely Apr 12th 1970                            
John Williams                                      The Star Wars Trilogy                             
John Williams- London Symphony Orchestra           Superman- The Movie                               
Johnny Paycheck                                    Cowboys, SF Nov 17th, 1981                        
Johnny Van Zant Band                               No More Dirty Deeds                               
Johnny Winter                                      3rd Degree                                        
                                                   Birds Can't Row Boats                             
                                                   Captured Live!                                    
                                                   CD2 Johnny Winter - Second Winter 1969_320        
                                                   Guitar Slinger                                    
                                                   John Dawson Winter III                            
                                                   Johnny Winter                                     
                                                   Johnny Winter And                                 
                                                   Let Me In                                         
                                                   Nothin' But The Blues                             
                                                   Par Meadons Sep 7th 1979                          
                                                   Raisin' Cain                                      
                                                   Saarbruecken May 8th 2011                         
                                                   Saints & Sinners                                  
                                                   Serious Business                                  
                                                   Still Alive And Well [Bonus Tracks]               
                                                   Tattoos 'n Blues                                  
                                                   The Birthday Show Feb 23 2001                     
                                                   The Birthday Show Feb 23 2001 (2)                 
                                                   White, Hot & Blue                                 
Johnny Winter with Muddy Waters                    Johnny Winter with Muddy Waters - Live at the Towe
Jonathan Goldman                                   Medicine Buddha                                   
Joni Mitchell                                      Brussels, BE - 04-26-83Disc 1                     
                                                   Brussels, BE - 04-26-83Disc 2                     
Journey                                            Departure                                         
                                                   Journey's Greatest Hits                           
Judas Priest                                       Living After Midnight                             
Julian Lennon                                      Valotte                                           
Jupiter Coyote                                     Cemeteries and Junkyards                          
                                                   Elbow Romm Jan 15 1999 (1)                        
                                                   Elbow Romm Jan 15 1999 (2)                        
                                                   Ghost Dance                                       
                                                   Here Be Dragons                                   
                                                   Hillary Step                                      
                                                   Jupiter Coyote Live [Disc 1]                      
                                                   Jupiter Coyote Live [Disc 2]                      
                                                   Louisville KY Mar 20 1999 (1)                     
                                                   Louisville KY Mar 20 1999 (2)                     
                                                   Louisville KY Mar 20 1999 (3)                     
                                                   Lucky Day                                         
                                                   Red Room 02-13-1999 (1)                           
                                                   Red Room 02-13-1999 (2)                           
                                                   Waxing Moon                                       
Kansas                                             Kansas                                            
                                                   Kansas - Paramount Theater, Portland 1975 MP3     
                                                   Kansas - Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival - Baarlo, The 
                                                   Live Legacy                                       
                                                   Point Of Know Return [Bonus Tracks]               
Kathy Mattca                                       Apr 27 1985 Music Village                         
Kenny G                                            The Moment                                        
KID DYNAMITE                                       Kid Dynamite - 1976 - Kid Dynamite (Cream)        
King Crimson                                       In The Court Of The Crimson King                  
                                                   Larks' Tongues In Aspic                           
Kiss                                               Alive                                             
Knopfler, Mark & Emmylou Harris                    Arena di Verona, Verona - Italy (Part 1) 03.06.200
Lafauci                                            Lafauci                                           
Lake                                               Lake - Paradise Island                            
                                                   Lake II                                           
Led Zeppelin                                       Coda                                              
                                                   Fillmore West Mothership                          
                                                   Four Blocks In The Show [Disc 1] -1975-02-12-Madis
                                                   Four Blocks In The Show [Disc 2] -1975-02-12-Madis
                                                   Four Blocks In The Show [Disc 3] -1975-02-12-Madis
                                                   Houses Of The Holy                                
                                                   In Through The Out Door                           
                                                   Latter Days- Best Of Led Zeppelin, Vol.2          
                                                   Led Zeppelin I                                    
                                                   Led Zeppelin II                                   
                                                   Led Zeppelin III                                  
                                                   Led Zeppelin IV                                   
                                                   Physical Graffiti [Disc 1]                        
                                                   Physical Graffiti [Disc 2]                        
                                                   The Best Of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1                  
Leon Redbone                                       lIVE!                                             
                                                   Whistling in the Wind                             
Leon Russell                                       In Your Dreams                                    
                                                   Leon Live [Disc 1]                                
                                                   Leon Live [Disc 2]                                
                                                   LEON RUSSEL                                       
                                                   Leon Russell - Carney                             
                                                   Leon Russell - Hank Wilson's Back                 
                                                   Leon Russell - Leon Russell & The Shelter People  
                                                   Leon Russell - Stop All That Jazz                 
                                                   Will O' The Wisp                                  
Leon Russell with Eric Clapton                     Apartment Jam Aug 1974                            
Les Dudek                                          Delta Breeze                                      
                                                   Ghost Town Parade                                 
                                                   Record Plant Nov 10th 1974                        
Les Dudek Band                                     Record Plant Sausalito, CA. 11-10-74              
Linda Ronstadt                                     `Tis A Gift (1974)                                
                                                   Capital Center Landover, Maryland December 12 1976
                                                   For Sentimental Reasons                           
                                                   Hasten Down The Wind                              
                                                   Heart Like A Wheel                                
                                                   LA  Nove 3 1976                                   
                                                   Linda Ronstadt                                    
                                                   Linda Ronstadt - Hand Sown Home Grown             
                                                   Linda Ronstadt - Silk Purse                       
                                                   Linda Ronstadt - What's New                       
                                                   Live at Reunion Arena  11-25-1982 Dallas          
                                                   Mad Love                                          
                                                   Prisoner In Disguise                              
Lionel Hampton & Oscar Peterson                    Verve Jazz Masters 26 - Lionel Hampton & Oscar Pet
Little Feat                                        Down On The Farm                                  
                                                   Feats Don't Fail Me Now                           
                                                   Hemstead 9 19 1974                                
                                                   Little Feat                                       
                                                   Little Feat - Dixie Chicken                       
                                                   Little Feat - St. Louis (1990)                    
                                                   Little Feat - Time Loves a Hero (US 1977) (@256)  
                                                   Little Feat - Ultrasonic 1974                     
                                                   The Last Record Album [Bonus Tracks]              
                                                   Waiting For Columbus [Live]                       
                                                   Winterland Feb 14th 1976                          
Little River Band                                  Greatest Hits                                     
Lonnie Johnson                                     Lonnie Johnson- Misc Early Tracks                 
Lynyrd Skynyrd                                     Christmas Time Again                              
                                                   Edge Of Forever                                   
                                                   Gimme Back My Bullets [Bonus Tracks]              
                                                   L Skynyrd apr 27 1975                             
                                                   Lynyrd Skynyrd - Unreleased KBFH Show - 11-6-75 - 
                                                   Lynyrd Skynyrd - Winterland (1976)                
                                                   Lynyrd Skynyrd [Disc 1]                           
                                                   Nuthin' Fancy                                     
                                                   Pronounced Lynyrd Skynyrd                         
                                                   Second Helping                                    
                                                   Street Survivors                                  
                                                   Swamp Music (2)                                   
                                                   Swamp Music (3)                                   
Mama's Pride                                       Mama's Pride - Same (1975)                        
Manassas                                           Manassas - Down The Road                          
                                                   Manassas - Manassas                               
Manfred Mann                                       Manfred Mann - As Is                              
                                                   Manfred Mann - Mighty Garvey!                     
                                                   Manfred Mann - The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann     
Manfred Mann's Earth Band                          Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Radiohuset Stockholm 1
                                                   San Diegp Feb 8th 1974                            
                                                   Solar Fire                                        
                                                   The Best Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band             
Marcia Waldorf                                     Memoranda                                         
Mark Knopfler                                      2001-05-20 - Los Angeles (SBD) (1)                
                                                   2001-05-20 - Los Angeles (SBD) (2)                
                                                   D & P Info.txt                                    
                                                   D & P's Bootleg Tunz World [shortcut].url         
                                                   D & P's Bootleg Tunz World.jpg                    
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris                     Arena di Verona - June 3, 2006                    
Mary Anne Paterson                                 Me (1970)                                         
Mary Gauthier                                      1999 - Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens In Limousines  
                                                   Mary Gauthier -  Between Daylight And Dark        
                                                   Mercy Now                                         
Mason Proffit                                      Bare Back Rider                                   
McCoy Tyner                                        __MACOSX                                          
                                                   2011.03.04 - Seattle, WA                          
                                                   44th Street Suite                                 
                                                   McCoy Tyner - 2011.03.04 - Seattle, WA MP3        
McCoy Tyner & Santana                              McCoy Tyner & Santana                             
McCoy Tyner Quartet                                Sahara Live (1972)                                
Melanie                                            Affectionately Melanie                            
                                                   Born To Be (1968)                                 
                                                   Jazz Cafe London England 29th May 2009            
                                                   Leftover Wine                                     
                                                   Melanie - Candles In The Rain (1970)              
                                                   Melanie - Garden In The City (1972)               
                                                   The Good Book (1971)                              
Midnight Flyer                                     Midnight Flyer                                    
Miles Davis                                        Bitches Brew [Disc 1]                             
                                                   Bitches Brew [Disc 2]                             
                                                   Fillmore West May 7th, 1971                       
                                                   This Is Jazz, Vol. 38- Electric                   
Mimi & Richard Farina                              Celebrations For A Grey Day (1965)                
Mindy Smith                                        Long Island Shore                                 
Mississippi John Hurt                              1967 - The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt         
Mississippi Mudsharks                              Workin' For Nickels And Dimes                     
Moby Grape                                         Moby Grape - 20 Granite Creek                     
                                                   Moby Grape - Grape Jam                            
                                                   Moby Grape - Moby Grape                           
                                                   Moby Grape - Moby Grape '69                       
                                                   Moby Grape - Truly Fine Citizen                   
                                                   Moby Grape - Wow                                  
moe                                                4-3-97 Somerville, MA (Encore)                    
                                                   4-3-97 Somerville, MA (Set 1)                     
                                                   4-3-97 Somerville, MA (Set 2)                     
                                                   Tin Cans And Car Tires                            
Molly Hatchet                                      Cut To The Bone                                   
                                                   Devil's Canyon                                    
                                                   Double Trouble-Live                               
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   Molly Hatchet                                     
                                                   Molly Hatchet Live 1978                           
                                                   MollyHatchet - Lousville Gardens - April 1979     
                                                   No Guts, No Glory                                 
                                                   No Guts... No Glory                               
                                                   The Deed Is Done                                  
Moma's Pride                                       Mama's Pride - Same (1975)                        
Montrose                                           Montrose                                          
                                                   Montrose - Record Plant, Sausalito 1974 MP3       
Moonshine                                          Moonshine - 1997 - Roughhousin'                   
Mother Earth                                       Mother Earth                                      
                                                   Mother Earth 1968 Living With The Animals         
Mother's Finest                                    Mother's Finest                                   
Mountain                                           Climbing                                          
                                                   Fillmore East                                     
                                                   Fillmore East Dec 31st 1970 (2)                   
                                                   Nantucket Sleighride                              
                                                   New York 1974                                     
                                                   Twin Peaks                                        
Mountain Stage                                     Arlo Guthrie and the Family Band                  
                                                   Jorma, John Hammond, Uncle Earl                   
Mudcrutch                                          Mudcrutch                                         
Muddy Waters                                       Electric Mud                                      
                                                   muddybox  1                                       
                                                   muddybox 2                                        
                                                   muddybox 3                                        
Mystick_Krewe_of_Clearlight                        The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight                   
Nantucket                                          No Direction Home                                 
NASA Voyager Recordings                            Symphonies Of The Planets I                       
Nasty Nedd                                         It's Hard To Be Me                                
National Lampoon Comedians                         National Lampoon - That's Not Funny, That's Sick  
                                                   Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll And The End Of The World
Nature                                             Bayou                                             
                                                   David Miles Huber - Mountain Streams              
                                                   Echoes Of Nature - Jungle Talk                    
                                                   Frog Chorus                                       
                                                   Mountain Stream                                   
                                                   Ocean Voyages                                     
                                                   Whales of the Pacific                             
                                                   Wilderness River                                  
Ned                                                Ned                                               
                                                   NedUnknown Album                                  
Neil Diamond                                       Classics- The Early Years                         
                                                   Hot August Night 2                                
                                                   Jazz Singer                                       
                                                   Jonathan Livingston Seagull                       
Neil Young                                         11_15_76, Chicago Auditorium, Chicago, IL         
                                                   Decade [Disc 1]                                   
                                                   Decade 2                                          
                                                   Mirror Ball                                       
                                                   Neil Young - After The Gold Rush                  
                                                   Neil Young - American Stars N Bars                
                                                   Neil Young - Archives Selection Vol 1             
                                                   Neil Young - Comes a Time                         
                                                   Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere      
                                                   Neil Young - Harvest                              
                                                   Neil Young - Hawks And Doves                      
                                                   Neil Young - Live At Carnegie Hall 1970           
                                                   Neil Young - Live Rust                            
                                                   Neil Young - Neil Young                           
                                                   Neil Young - On The Beach                         
                                                   Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps                    
                                                   Neil Young - Time Fades Away                      
                                                   Neil Young - Tonight's the Night                  
                                                   Neil Young - Zuma                                 
                                                   NY 78-10-23 Forum                                 
Neil Young & Crazy Horse                           Rust Never Sleeps [Live]                          
New Grass Revival                                  Jan 12th, 1985                                    
New Riders Of The Purple Sage                      Brujo                                             
                                                   Fillmore West Feb 28, 1971 (1)                    
                                                   Fillmore West Feb 28, 1971 (2)                    
                                                   Gypsy Cowboy                                      
                                                   Home, Home On The Road                            
                                                   Keep On Keepin On                                 
                                                   Midnight Moonlight                                
                                                   New Riders Of The Purple Sage - New Riders Of The 
                                                   Oh, What A mighty Time                            
                                                   Ridin' With Panama Red                            
                                                   The Adventures Of Panama Red                      
                                                   The New Riders of the Purple Sage Beacon Theatre (
Nils Lofgren                                       Code Of The Road- Greatest Hits Live              
                                                   Phil PA, Sep 6 1976                               
Nirvana                                            Nirvana                                           
North Mississippi Allstars                         51 Phantom                                        
                                                   Shake Hands With Shorty                           
Old Crow Medicine Show                             Big Iron World                                    
                                                   Live At The World Cafe                            
                                                   Tennessee Pusher                                  
Otis Redding                                       The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul               
Oysterband                                         Holy Bandits                                      
                                                   Lie Back And Think Of England                     
Ozark Mountain Daredevils                          Don't Look Down                                   
Ozzy Osbourne                                      Bark At The Moon [Bonus Tracks]                   
Patti Smith                                        Patti Smith - 1976 - Radio Ethiopia               
Patty Griffin                                      A Kiss in Time                                    
                                                   Children Running Though                           
                                                   Flaming Red                                       
                                                   Impossible Dream                                  
Paul Butterfield Blues Band                        Paul Butterfield - (1965) Paul Butterfield Blues B
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1966) East-West               
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1967) The Resurrection of Pigb
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1969) Keep On Moving          
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1971) Sometimes I Just Feel Li
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1973) Better Days             
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1976) Put It In Your Ear      
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (1988) Blues With A Feeling 196
                                                   Paul Butterfield - (2002) Better Days It All Comes
                                                   Paul Butterfield Blues Band - 1970 - Live [192]=  
                                                   Winterland Oct 14th 1966                          
                                                   Winterland Sep 30th 1966                          
Paul McCartney                                     Flowers in the Dirt                               
                                                   New World Tour 06-15-1993 Charlotte, NC           
                                                   Tug Of War                                        
Paul McCartney & Wings                             Band On The Run                                   
                                                   Got Any Toothpicks-                               
                                                   Wild Life [Bonus Tracks]                          
Paul Rodger                                        Paul Rodger's Peace  - Live At The BBC (1971)     
Paul Simon                                         Live at Barton Hall 10-19-73                      
Pearl Jam                                          Live At Benaroya Hall (22-Oct-2003)               
                                                   Live At Benaroya Hall (22-Oct-2003) [Disc 2]      
Penguin Cafe Orchestra                             Music From The Penguin Cafe                       
Pete Fountain                                      .DS_Store                                         
                                                   01 St. Louis Blues.mp3                            
                                                   02 Blue Fountain.mp3                              
                                                   03 Columbus Stockade Blus.mp3                     
                                                   04 Aunt Hager's Blues.mp3                         
                                                   05 Lonesome Road.mp3                              
                                                   06 The Memphis Blues.mp3                          
                                                   07 My Inspriation.mp3                             
                                                   08 Wang Wang Blues.mp3                            
                                                   09 Beale Street Blues.mp3                         
                                                   10 Wabash Blues.mp3                               
                                                   11 Five Point Blues.mp3                           
                                                   12 Bayou Blues.mp3                                
Peter & Gordon                                     Woman & Lady Godiva                               
Peter Frampton                                     Frampton Comes Alive                              
Peter Green                                        Peter Green - In The Skies                        
Phil Collins                                       Both sides tour 1994 - live at wembley arena londo
                                                   Face Value                                        
                                                   Hello, I Must Be Going                            
                                                   Hello, I Must Be Going!                           
                                                   No Jacket Required                                
Phil Driscoll                                      Phil Driscoll Christmas                           
                                                   The Sound Of Christmas                            
Phish                                              Lawn Boy                                          
Pink Floyd                                         Atom Heart Mother                                 
                                                   Dark Side Of The Moon                             
                                                   Pink Floyd                                        
                                                   The Man & The Journey 1969                        
                                                   The Wall [Disc 1]                                 
                                                   The Wall [Disc 2]                                 
                                                   Ummagumma [Disc 2]                                
                                                   Ummagumma [Live] [Disc 1]                         
                                                   Wish You Were Here                                
Poco                                               Hackensack NY Nov 2nd 1973                        
Point Blank                                        Airplay                                           
                                                   KBFH Agora Ballroom August 28th, 1980             
                                                   Point Blank                                       
                                                   Point Blank - 1979 - Cold Warrior                 
                                                   Point Blank - Orpheum Theatre, Memphis 1981       
                                                   Second Season                                     
Porcupine Tree                                     Bethlehem Pa June 23 2001 (1)                     
                                                   Bethlehem Pa June 23 2001 (2)                     
                                                   Chapman Theatre, Salford University, Manchester UK
                                                   Fear Of A Blank Planet                            
                                                   In Absentia Outtakes                              
                                                   Nil Recurring                                     
                                                   On The Sunday Of Life                             
                                                   Out Absentia Bonus, Outtakes & Demos              
                                                   Stars Die - The Delerium Years '91-'97 [Disc 2]   
                                                   Stars Die The Delerium Years 1991-97              
                                                   The Sky Moves Sideways [Disc 1]                   
                                                   The Sky Moves Sideways [Disc 2]                   
                                                   Up The Downstair - Staircase Infinities [Disc 1]  
                                                   Up The Downstair - Staircase Infinities [Disc 2]  
Potliquor                                          Levee Blues                                       
Pretenders                                         Pretenders - Pretenders 5 30 1980                 
Prince                                             1999                                              
Procol Harum                                       WPLJ NYC Apr 12th 1971                            
Pure Prairie League                                Bustin' Out                                       
                                                   Can't Hold Back                                   
                                                   Firin' Up                                         
                                                   If The Shoe Fits                                  
                                                   Just Fly                                          
                                                   Live Takin' the Stage                             
                                                   Pure Prairie League                               
                                                   Something In The Night                            
                                                   Two Lane Highway                                  
Queen                                              A Night At The Opera                              
                                                   Classic Queen                                     
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
Quicksilver Mesenger Service                       Marin County Cowboys [Disc 1]                     
Quicksilver Messenger Service                      Happy Trails [Live]                               
                                                   Marin County Cowboys [Disc 2]                     
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Comin' Thru       
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails      
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Just for Love     
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Quicksilver       
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Quicksilver Messen
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Shady Grove       
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - Solid Silver      
                                                   Quicksilver Messenger Service - What About Me     
                                                   Winterland Dec 31st 1967                          
Railroad Earth                                     2001_11_23 New York, NY                           
                                                   2002_06_14 Madison, WI                            
                                                   2002_10_18 Magfest                                
                                                   2003_09_27 Eugene, OR                             
                                                   2003_11_01 Waitsfield,VT                          
                                                   2004_08_07 Terra Alta, WV                         
                                                   2005_08_20 Morrisville, Pa                        
                                                   2005_11_11 Patchougue, NY                         
                                                   2006_11_24 Hackettstown, NJ                       
                                                   2006_12_01 Boston, MA                             
                                                   2007_07_01 Frederick, MD                          
                                                   2008_09_19 Boulder, CO                            
                                                   2008_11_23 Mt. Tabor, NJ                          
                                                   2009_11_27 Stroudsburg, PA                        
                                                   2009_11_28 Stroudsburg, PA                        
                                                   2009_12_30 Portland, Or                           
                                                   2009_12_31 Portland.OR                            
                                                   7_5_2001 High Sierra Music Festival               
                                                   Amen Corner                                       
Rainbow                                            ASTROLOGIST [Disc 2]                              
                                                   Aug 8th, 1982                                     
                                                   Braze Of Glory - Ahhus 1980 -                     
                                                   Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow                       
Randall Bramblett                                  Randall Bramblett - 1976 - Light Of The Night     
Rare Earth                                         Rare Earth - Dreams Answers                       
Rascal Flatts                                      Melt                                              
Ratdog                                             2001-04-13 - Kalamazoo State Theater              
Ray LaMontagne                                     Gossip In The Grain                               
REO Speedwagon                                     1983 05 03 PT 1 Milwaukee                         
                                                   1983 05 03 PT 2 Milwaukee                         
                                                   Lost In A Dream                                   
Reverend Gary Davis                                Harlem Street Singer (1961)                       
Rich Mountain Tower                                Rich Mountain Tower                               
Rich Mullins                                       An Arrow Pointing To Heaven                       
                                                   The Jesus Record [Disc 2]                         
                                                   The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 1        
                                                   The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2        
                                                   Winds Of Heaven, Stuff Of Earth                   
Rich Mullins & A Ragamuffin Band                   The Jesus Record                                  
Rick Cunha                                         Rick Cunha - 1974 - Cunha Songs                   
Rick Wakeman                                       Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV        
                                                   Return to the Center of the Earth (Live)          
                                                   Songs Of Middle Earth                             
                                                   The Family Album                                  
                                                   The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knigh
                                                   The Six Wives Of Henry VIII                       
                                                   Tribute to the Beatles                            
Riley Lee                                          Music For Zen Meditation- Duets                   
                                                   Music For Zen Meditation- Solos                   
Ringo Starr                                        Goodnight Vienna                                  
                                                   Ringo [Bonus Tracks]                              
                                                   Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band                   
Rising Sons                                        Rising Sons - Featuring Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder 1965
RL Burnside                                        1996 - A Ass Pocket of Whiskey                    
                                                   Burnside on Burnside                              
                                                   R.L. Burnside- First Recordings                   
ROBERT CRAY, KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD, ERIC BIBB       01. Robert Cray_Track 01.mp3                      
                                                   02. Robert Cray_Track 02.mp3                      
                                                   03. Robert Cray_Track 03.mp3                      
                                                   04. Robert Cray_Track 04.mp3                      
                                                   05. Kenny Wayne Shepherd_Track 01.mp3             
                                                   06. Kenny Wayne Shepherd_Track 02.mp3             
                                                   07. Kenny Wayne Shepherd_Track 03.mp3             
                                                   08. Kenny Wayne Shepherd_Track 04.mp3             
                                                   09. Kenny Wayne Shepherd_Track 05.mp3             
                                                   10. Eric Bibb_Track 01.mp3                        
                                                   11. Eric Bibb_Track 02.mp3                        
                                                   12. Eric Bibb_Track 03.mp3                        
                                                   13. Eric Bibb_Track 04.mp3                        
                                                   14. Eric Bibb_Track 05.mp3                        
Robert Johnson                                     Robert Johnson-The Complete Recordings            
Robert Randolph & The Family Band                  Live At The Wetlands                              
Robert Tear & Philip Ledger                        ThreeCheersForPooh                                
Robin Trower                                       Bridge Of Sighs                                   
                                                   New Haven CT Oct 18 1977                          
                                                   Twice Removed From Yesterday                      
Robin Williams                                     Weapons of Self Destruction                       
Rod Stewart                                        Rod Stewart - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You D
                                                   Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley                      
Rodrigo Y Gabriela                                 Rodrigo Y Gabriela                                
Rory Block                                         RORY BLOCK - The Lady And Mr. Johnson (2006)      
Rory Gallagher                                     Irish Tour 1974                                   
Rossington Collins Band                            Nashville Jun 30th, 1980                          
Roundhouse                                         Handle With Care                                  
Rural Free Delivery                                Come On Home                                      
Rush                                               2112                                              
                                                   A Farewell To Kings                               
                                                   Moving Pictures                                   
                                                   Retrospective I (1974-1980)                       
                                                   Retrospective II (1981-1987)                      
                                                   Toronto Canada Sep 21st 1984                      
Ry Cooder                                          1974-05-16 The Bottom Line New York NY            
                                                   1974-07-07 Record Plant                           
                                                   Record Plant Jul 7th 1974                         
                                                   Ry Cooder - Boomer's Story                        
                                                   Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop                     
                                                   Ry Cooder - Borderline                            
                                                   Ry Cooder - Chicken Skin Music                    
                                                   Ry Cooder - Into The Purple Valley                
                                                   Ry Cooder - Jazz                                  
                                                   Ry Cooder - Paradise & Lunch                      
                                                   Ry Cooder - Ry Cooder                             
                                                   Ry Cooder - Show Time                             
                                                   Ry Cooder - Special Limited Edition Single        
                                                   Ry Cooder - The Long Riders                       
Ryan Adams                                         __MACOSX                                          
                                                   Dublin Nov 28th 2002 CD 1                         
                                                   Dublin Nov 28th 2002 CD 2                         
                                                   Dublin, IE - 06-08-11                             
                                                   Exile On Franklin Street Sessions                 
                                                   Mar 15, 2009 Nash,Tn (1)                          
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals                         Cardinology                                       
                                                   Jacksonville City Nights                          
                                                   War Memorial Auditorium Nashville TN 3-15-2009 D2 
Sammy Hagar                                        VOA                                               
Santana                                            Abraxas                                           
                                                   Acapulco Sunrise                                  
                                                   Live At The Fillmore - 1968                       
                                                   Live at the Fillmore '68 [Disc 2]                 
                                                   Tanglewood Lebox Ma Aug 18th 1970                 
                                                   The Best Of Santana Volume 2                      
Sass Jordan                                        Racine                                            
Savoy Brown                                        A Step Further                                    
                                                   Boogie Brothers                                   
                                                   Hellbound Train                                   
                                                   Jack The Toad                                     
                                                   Looking In                                        
                                                   Ludlow Garage  Cinjn 02 22 1970                   
                                                   Raw Sienna                                        
                                                   Record Plant Nov 24th, 1975                       
                                                   Savoy Brown - Seattle Center Arena (1972)         
                                                   Shake Down                                        
                                                   Skin'n Bone                                       
                                                   Street Corner Talking                             
                                                   The Best Of Savoy Brown- The Millennium Collection
                                                   The Blues Keep Me Holding On                      
                                                   Wire Fire                                         
Sea Level                                          After The Dance                                   
                                                   Best Of Sea Level                                 
                                                   Bottom Line Nov 28 1979                           
                                                   Bottom Line NYC Nov 27th 1978                     
                                                   Cats On The Coast                                 
                                                   Long Walk On A Short Pier                         
                                                   Sea Level - 1978-Park West (Bootleg,Chicago, IL.11
                                                   Sea Level - Same  (1977)                          
Seals & Crofts                                     Greatest Hits                                     
Sean Barrett, Kulananda, Anton Lesser              The Voice Of The Buddha                           
Seatrain                                           Seatrain - Sea Train                              
SevenMoore                                         SevenMoore                                        
Sheryl Crow                                        2008 - Home For Christmas                         
                                                   Cincinnati, OH - 02-12-97                         
                                                   C'Mon C'Mon                                       
                                                   Home For Christmas                                
                                                   Rocks Off (NewYork01)                             
                                                   Sheryl Crow - Le Trabendo Paris (2002) MP3        
                                                   The Glob Sessions                                 
                                                   The Sting - October 17, 1994                      
                                                   Tuesday Night Music Club-Special Edition          
Shiva's Headband                                   Take Me To The Mountains                          
Shiver                                             San Francisco's Shiver                            
                                                   Shiver-Walpurgis (1969)                           
Shocking Blue                                      At Home                                           
                                                   Good Times (1974)                                 
                                                   Inkpot (1972)                                     
                                                   Shocking Blue - 1968 - Beat With Us               
                                                   Shocking Blue - Scorpio's Dance (1970) By Muro    
                                                   Shocking Blue 3rd Album (1971)                    
                                                   The Shocking Blue                                 
Silver Travis Band                                 01 Think About You.mp3                            
                                                   02 This Time.mp3                                  
                                                   03 Sweet Caroline.mp3                             
                                                   04 Leaving.mp3                                    
                                                   05 If You've Got Troubles.mp3                     
                                                   06 Point Of No Return.mp3                         
                                                   07 Everyday Grind.mp3                             
                                                   08 Gray Day.mp3                                   
                                                   09 Lost Love.mp3                                  
                                                   10 Nice Set Of Headlights.mp3                     
                                                   11 You Can't Stop Love.mp3                        
                                                   12 The Bus.mp3                                    
                                                   One Monkey.jpg                                    
Simon & Garfunkel                                  Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits                 
Skip James                                         Skip James - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (1964)[
Song                                               Album                                             
Sourwood Honey                                     (Oxydendrum Arboreum)                             
Southern Pacific                                   Killbilly Hill-County Line                        
                                                   Mar 22, 1986 (1) Lone Star Cafe                   
                                                   Mar 22, 1986 (2) Lone Star Cafe                   
                                                   Southern Pacific                                  
Southern Tenant Folk Union                         Southern Tenant Folk Union                        
Space Buddha                                       No Shields                                        
Spirit                                             Hornsby Town Hall London 02-03-1970 disc 1        
                                                   Hornsby Town Hall London 02-03-1970 disc 2        
                                                   mercury 1                                         
                                                   mercury 2                                         
                                                   Texas International Pop Festival 1969-[Disc 7]    
                                                   Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus                   
Spooky Tooth                                       It's All About                                    
                                                   Spooky Tooth - Live Grugahalle Essen 1969         
                                                   Spooky Two                                        
Spyro Gyra                                         Fast Forward featuring Jay Beckenstein            
                                                   Got The Magic                                     
                                                   Heart Of The Night                                
Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc Ponty       The Rite Of Strings                               
Star Galaxy Orchestra                              Star Wars And Other Sci-Fi Themes                 
Star Trek                                          The Original Series                               
Starroy                                            Starroy - ocho for willow                         
Status Quo                                         Hello!                                            
Steely Dan                                         A Decade Of Steely Dan                            
                                                   Can't Buy A Thrill                                
                                                   Countdown To Ecstasy                              
                                                   Midnight Hour [Disc 1]                            
                                                   Midnight Hour [Disc 2] Sep 17th, 1994             
                                                   Pretzel Logic                                     
Stephen Miller                                     Stephen Miller - 1970 - Stephen Miller            
Stephen Schwartz                                   Godspell                                          
Stephen Stills                                     Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills                   
                                                   Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills 2                 
Steppenwolf                                        16 Greatest Hits                                  
Steve Earle                                        Copperhead Road                                   
Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band                 The Mountain                                      
Stevie Nicks                                       Uncirculated Rumours (1)                          
                                                   Uncirculated Rumours (2)                          
Stevie Ray Vaughan                                 Greatest Hits                                     
Stir Fried w-Buddy Cage                            Stir Fried                                        
Strawberry Alarm Clock                             Strawberry Alarm Clock - 1968 - The World In A Sea
                                                   Strawberry Alarm Clock - 1969 - Good Morning Stars
Stray Cats                                         Metro (boston Ma) 12-16-82                        
                                                   Stray Cats 1982-07-30 Detroit                     
Styx                                               Brave New World                                   
                                                   Crystal Ball                                      
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   Man Of Miracles                                   
                                                   Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA 4 November 1977        
                                                   Pieces Of Eight                                   
                                                   Styx I                                            
                                                   Styx II                                           
                                                   The Grand Illusion                                
                                                   Winterland Jan 28 1976 (2)                        
                                                   Winterland Jan 28 1978 (1)                        
Sun Dried Opossum                                  Back Up                                           
Supertramp                                         Breakfast In America                              
                                                   Even In The Quietest Moments                      
                                                   Kbfh 1977                                         
                                                   Paris [Disc 1]                                    
                                                   Paris [Disc 2]                                    
Susan Tedeschi                                     Susan Tedeschi - Better Days (1995)               
                                                   Susan Tedeschi - The Plant (1999)                 
Swallow                                            Swallow                                           
Sweet                                              Desolation Boulevard                              
Swinging Steaks                                    Southside of the Sky                              
Syd Barret                                         MADCAP LAUGHS                                     
Taj Mahal                                          Maestro                                           
                                                   Taj Mahal - (1999) Blue Light Boogie              
                                                   Taj Mahal - Berlin 2003 Disc 1                    
                                                   Taj Mahal - Berlin 2003 Disc 2                    
                                                   Taj MAHAL - Blues With A Feeling, The Very Best Of
                                                   Taj Mahal - Mule Bone                             
                                                   Taj Mahal - The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal 1969
                                                   Taj Mahal - The Natch l Blues (1968)              
Tara Linda                                         Tara Linda - Torch and Sass - 2012                
Ten Years After                                    1967 - Ten Years After - Ten Years After          
                                                   1969 - Ten Years After - Ssssh                    
                                                   1970 - Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green        
                                                   1972 - Ten Years After - Alvin Lee & Company      
                                                   1973 - Ten Years After - Recorded Live            
                                                   1974 - Ten Years After - Positive vibrations      
                                                   1989 - Ten Years After - About Time               
                                                   1997 - Alvin Lee & Ten Years After - Solid Rock   
                                                   Ten Years After - Live at the Fillmore East CD1 (1
                                                   Ten Years After - Live at the Fillmore East CD2 (1
                                                   Ten Years After - Stonedhenge                     
                                                   Ten Years After - Watt (Great Album UK 1970) (@256
                                                   Ten Years After 1968 Undead                       
The 31st of February                               The 31st of February - The 31st of February       
The Alan Parsons Project                           Eve                                               
                                                   Eye In The Sky                                    
                                                   I Robot                                           
                                                   Tales Of Mystery & Imagination                    
                                                   The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project, Volume 2    
                                                   The Turn Of A Friendly Card                       
                                                   Vulture Culture                                   
The Allman Brothers                                The Allman's & Friends At The Beacon 07.27.11 [Dis
The Allman Brothers Band                           1970 Atlanta International Pop Festival           
                                                   1971-09-16  (3)                                   
                                                   1973-06-09 RFK Stadium, Washington DC (2)         
                                                   1973-06-09 RFK Stadium, Washington DC (3)         
                                                   1973-06-09d1 RFK Stadium                          
                                                   1979-07-19 CD 1 Columbia SC                       
                                                   Allman Brothers Band 1971 Live At A&R Studios     
                                                   An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band          
                                                   Beacon Mar 20 2009 (2) w-Clapton                  
                                                   Beacon Mar 20 2009 (3) w-Clapton                  
                                                   Beacon Theater, 2009-03-20 (2)                    
                                                   Beacon Theater, New York ,NY 2009-03-20           
                                                   Blue Sky Beginnings                               
                                                   Brothers And Sisters                              
                                                   Brothers Of The Road                              
                                                   Columbia SC May 5th 2000 (1)                      
                                                   Columbia SC May 5th 2000 (2)                      
                                                   Dirty Blue Fingers Mar 9 1991                     
                                                   Dreams [Disc 1]                                   
                                                   Dreams [Disc 2]                                   
                                                   Dreams [Disc 3]                                   
                                                   Dreams [Disc 4]                                   
                                                   Eat A Peach                                       
                                                   Enlightened Rogues                                
                                                   Fillmore East  06-27-1971 NY (SBD)                
                                                   First Flight (1969) (1)                           
                                                   First Flight (2)                                  
                                                   Great Woods Sept 6 1991                           
                                                   Hittin' The Note                                  
                                                   Jacksonville Beach Armory 03-30-1969 part 1       
                                                   Live At Ludlow Garage 1970 [Disc 1]               
                                                   Live At Ludlow Garage 1970 [Disc 2]               
                                                   Mycology- An Anthology                            
                                                   Reach For The Sky                                 
                                                   Seven Turns                                       
                                                   Shades Of Two Worlds                              
                                                   Syria Mosque Pittsburgh, PA 01-17-71              
                                                   The Allman Brothers Band - 1982 - Face The Music  
                                                   The Allman's & Friends At The Beacon 07.27.11 [Dis
                                                   The Fillmore Concerts [Disc 1]                    
                                                   The Fillmore Concerts [Disc 2]                    
                                                   The Gatlinburg Tapes                              
                                                   True Gravity                                      
                                                   Warehouse Nola 9-16-71 [Disc 2]                   
                                                   Where It All Begins                               
                                                   Win, Lose Or Draw                                 
                                                   Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas       
                                                   With or Without You                               
The Animals                                        The Animals - Singles Collection                  
                                                   The Animals- All-Time Greatest Hits               
The Band                                           The Band                                          
                                                   The Band - Tombstone - The Lost Album (1991)      
                                                   The Band Boston Garden Jan 14 1974                
The Beatles                                        1                                                 
                                                   1964 Beatles '65 (USA Versions Stereo)(320)       
                                                   1967-1970 [Disc 1]                                
                                                   1967-1970 [Disc 2]                                
                                                   1968-06-04 Kinfauns To Chaos [Disc 2]             
                                                   A Hard Day's Night                                
                                                   A-B Road  Jan 23rd 1969 (1)                       
                                                   A-B Road  Jan 3 1969 CD 2                         
                                                   A-B Road Jan 07 1969 (1)                          
                                                   A-B Road Jan 08 1969 (4)                          
                                                   A-B Road Jan 10 1969 (2)                          
                                                   A-B Road Jan 13 1969 (1)                          
                                                   A-B Road Jan 2 1969 (2)                           
                                                   A-B Road Jan 22 1969 (3)                          
                                                   A-B Road Jan 23rd 1969 (2)                        
                                                   A-B Road Jan 3 1969 (3)                           
                                                   AB Road Jan 31 69 (3)                             
                                                   A-B Road Jan 6 1969  Disc 3                       
                                                   A-B Road Jan 6 1969 (3)                           
                                                   A-B Road Jan 7 1969 (3)                           
                                                   A-B Road Jan 8th 1969 (3)                         
                                                   A-B Road Jan 9 1969 (5)                           
                                                   A-B Road January 9th 1969 [Disc 1]                
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 10, 1969 [Disc 3]                  
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 10, 1969 [Disc 4]                  
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 21, 1969 [Disc 1]                  
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 21, 1969 [Disc 2]                  
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 22, 1969 [Disc 2]                  
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 3, 1969 [Disc 1]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 6, 1969 [Disc 1]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 6, 1969 [Disc 2]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 6, 1969 [Disc 5]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 7, 1969 [Disc 4]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 8, 1969 [Disc 1]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 9, 1969 [Disc 2]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan. 9, 1969 [Disc 3]                   
                                                   A-B Road, Jan.10, 1969 [Disc 1]                   
                                                   Abbey Road                                        
                                                   Abbey Road Companion                              
                                                   Anthology Plus [Disc 1]                           
                                                   Beatles - Adelaide  06-12-1964 Australia          
                                                   Beatles - Revolving [Disc 1]                      
                                                   Beatles For Sale                                  
                                                   Beatles VI                                        
                                                   Celluloid Rock                                    
                                                   Help Session CD 2Unknown Album                    
                                                   Help Sessions (1)                                 
                                                   Hey Jude                                          
                                                   Indian Rope Track                                 
                                                   Let It Be                                         
                                                   Let It Be Rehearsals Vol.2                        
                                                   Let It Be... Naked                                
                                                   Let It Be... Naked [Disc 2]                       
                                                   Live On The Roof                                  
                                                   Magical Mystery Tour                              
                                                   Magical Mystery Tour Outtakes                     
                                                   Meet The Beatles                                  
                                                   More River Rhine Tapes                            
                                                   Not For Sale                                      
                                                   Please Please Me                                  
                                                   Revolving [Disc 2] Mixography[Bootleg]            
                                                   Rubber Soul                                       
                                                   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band             
                                                   Something New                                     
                                                   Soul Sessions (1)                                 
                                                   Soul Sessions (2)                                 
                                                   Soul Sessions [Disc 1]                            
                                                   The Alternate Hey Jude Album                      
                                                   The Alternate Revolver                            
                                                   The Alternate Yellow Submarine                    
                                                   The Beatles (White Album) [Disc 1]                
                                                   The Beatles (White Album) [Disc 2]                
                                                   The Beatles (White Album) Demos                   
                                                   The Beatles Live In Paris Early & Late Show       
                                                   The Beatouts Vol 3                                
                                                   The Complete Christmas Collection                 
                                                   The Ed Sulliven Show                              
                                                   The Lost Anthology - Vol. 3                       
                                                   The Lost Anthology - Vol. 4                       
                                                   The Lost Pepperland Reel And Other Rarities       
                                                   The River Rhine Tapes                             
                                                   Twickenham Sessions - [Disc 1] - I Like Simple Tun
                                                   Twickenham Sessions - [Disc 2] - You Better Take C
                                                   Ultra Rare Tracks v1&2 rm                         
                                                   Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 7 & 8                        
                                                   Ultra Rare Trax Vol.3-4                           
                                                   Ultra Rare Trax Vol.5-6                           
                                                   White Album Working Version [Disc 1]              
                                                   With The Beatles                                  
                                                   Yellow Submarine                                  
The Beatles And Brian Matthew                      A-B Road, Jan. 7, 1969 [Disc 2]                   
The Beatles Symphonic Orchestra                    1999 - The Beatles Symphonic Orchestra - The Beatl
The Black Crowes                                   Amorica                                           
                                                   By Your Side                                      
                                                   High In Huston Feb 2nd 1993                       
                                                   Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta Ga                  
                                                   Live [Disc 1]                                     
                                                   Live [Disc 2]                                     
                                                   Live At The Beacon Theatre 9-26-92                
                                                   Milan, IT 1995 Feb 10th                           
                                                   Shake Your Money Maker                            
                                                   The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion        
                                                   Three Snakes And One Charm                        
The Black Crows                                    High In Huston Feb 2nd 1993 (1)                   
The Blues Brothers                                 Briefcase Full Of Blues                           
The Blues Magoos                                   Electric Comic Book                               
The Blues Project                                  The Blues Project - Blues Project                 
                                                   The Blues Project - Lazarus                       
                                                   The Blues Project - Live At The Cafe Au Go Go     
                                                   The Blues Project - Planned Obsolescence          
                                                   The Blues Project - Projections                   
The Byrds                                          1970-7-7 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NL             
                                                   The Byrds - Ballad Of Easy Rider                  
The Carpenters                                     Gold                                              
The Charlie Daniels Band                           A Christmas To All                                
                                                   Blues Hat                                         
                                                   Fire On The Mountain                              
                                                   Fire On The Mountain-Million Mile Reflections-Full
                                                   High Lonesome                                     
                                                   Homesick Heroes                                   
                                                   Midnight Wind                                     
                                                   Saddle Tramp                                      
                                                   Simple Man                                        
                                                   Vol Jam Nash Tenn Jan 8th 1977 (1)                
The Charlie Daniels Band & Friends                 Volunteer Jam III And IV                          
The Chipmunks                                      Around The World With The Chipmunks               
                                                   Sing The Beatles                                  
                                                   Still Squeaky After All These Years               
                                                   The Alvin Show                                    
The Derek Trucks Band                              Roadsongs (2)                                     
                                                   Roadsongs [Live] [Disc 1]                         
The Doobie Brothers                                Doobie Brothers (part)                            
                                                   Fillmore West, Jun 14th 1971                      
                                                   Spectrum (Phil) Nov 16th 1976 (1)                 
                                                   Spectrum (Phil) Nov 16th 1976 (2)                 
                                                   The Captain And Me                                
                                                   Toulouse Street                                   
                                                   What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits               
The Doors                                          Best Of The Doors [Disc 1]                        
                                                   Best Of The Doors [Disc 2]                        
                                                   In Concert [Live] [Disc 1]                        
                                                   In Concert [Live] [Disc 2]                        
                                                   Morrison Hotel                                    
                                                   Strange Days (1967) & The Soft Parade (1969)      
                                                   The Doors - Live in Hollywood Aquarius            
                                                   The Doors - Waiting For The Sun 1968              
The Eagles                                         Desperado                                         
                                                   Don Kirshners  03-14-1974 NY (SBD TV)             
                                                   Hotel California                                  
                                                   Long Road Out Of Eden [Disc 1]                    
                                                   Long Road Out Of Eden [Disc 2]                    
                                                   On The Border                                     
                                                   One Of These Nights                               
                                                   Seattle (8-6-76) [Disc 1]                         
                                                   Seattle (8-6-76) [Disc 2]                         
                                                   The Very Best Of The Eagles [Disc 1]              
                                                   The Very Best of The Eagles [Disc 2]              
                                                   Their Greatest Hits                               
The Fabulous Thunderbirds                          Auston Music Hall May 25, 1987                    
                                                   Auston Music Hall May 25, 1987 ( CD2)             
The Freddy Jones Band                              North Avenue Wake Up Call                         
                                                   Waiting For The Night                             
The Gregg Allman Band                              Austin Tx May 25th 1987                           
                                                   I'm No Angel                                      
                                                   Just Before The Bullets Fly                       
The Guess Who                                      The Best Of The Guess Who                         
                                                   The Spirit Lives On (Enhanced CD) -               
The Highwaymen                                     Highwayman                                        
The Hollies                                        The Hits                                          
The Horse Flies                                    Gravity Dance                                     
                                                   Human Fly                                         
The Jeff Healey Band                               House of Blues Jan 23, 2000 (1)                   
                                                   House of Blues Jan 23, 2000 (2)                   
The Jimi Hendrix                                   Axis- Bold As Love                                
The Jimi Hendrix Experience                        Are You Experienced-                              
The Lettermen                                      Feelings (1971)                                   
The London Pops Orchestra                          The Music of Star Trek - The First 30 Years       
The Lonely H                                       Concrete Class                                    
The Mamas & The Papas                              The Best Of The Mamas & The Papas- 20th Century Ma
The Marmalade                                      Reflections of The Marmalade (Original Recordings)
The Marshall Tucker Band                           (1976) Long Hard Ride                             
                                                   (1983) Just Us                                    
                                                   19 - Tucker - Hempstead  06-19-1973 NY (FM)       
                                                   1974-11-29 Providence                             
                                                   1979-01-19 The Pit. Albuquerque, NM               
                                                   3-16-74 Boston MA                                 
                                                   A New Life                                        
                                                   Brimingham, UK Nov 29th, 1976                     
                                                   Carolina Christmas                                
                                                   Carolina Dreams                                   
                                                   Central Park Sep 12th 1977                        
                                                   Cow Place SF Ca Dec 12 31 1973                    
                                                   Face Down In The Blues                            
                                                   Great Adventure Park Jackson NJ May 16th, 1981    
                                                   Greetings From South Carolina                     
                                                   Live On Long Island- 04-18-80 [Disc 1]            
                                                   Live On Long Island- 04-18-80 [Disc 2]            
                                                   Love Songs                                        
                                                   MTB Petaluma, CA 62885                            
                                                   Nassau Coliseum Uniondale NY  Mar 13, 1976        
                                                   NYE 1978 New Orleans                              
                                                   Raceway Park NJ Sep 3rd 1977                      
                                                   Record Plant Studios May 8 1974                   
                                                   Running Like The Wind                             
                                                   Searchin' For A Rainbow                           
                                                   Still Holdin' On                                  
                                                   Stompin' Room Only                                
                                                   The Marshall Tucker Band                          
                                                   The Next Adventure                                
                                                   Together Forever                                  
                                                   Tuckerized Demos                                  
                                                   Uptown Theater Chicago, IL 05-05-1977 (2)         
                                                   Uptown Theatre-Chicago,IL - May, 1977 [Disc 1]    
                                                   Where We All Belong                               
                                                   Winterland Arena FM KSAN - 1973                   
The Michael Stanley Band                           Heartland                                         
                                                   Stage Pass [Live]                                 
The Monkees                                        The Best Of The Monkees                           
The Monks of Sherab Ling Monastery                 Sacred Tibetan Chant (2003)                       
The Moody Blues                                    A Night At Red Rocks With The Colorado Symphony Or
                                                   Caught Live & 5                                   
                                                   Days Of Future Passed                             
                                                   Every Good Boy Deserves Favour                    
                                                   In Search Of The Lost Chord                       
                                                   Keys Of The Kingdom                               
                                                   Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970           
                                                   Moody Blues Greatest Hits                         
                                                   On The Threshold Of A Dream                       
                                                   Question Of Balance                               
                                                   Seventh Sojourn                                   
                                                   The Present                                       
                                                   Voices In The Sky                                 
The Mothers Of Invention                           The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! 1966        
The Nighthawks                                     American Landscape                                
                                                   The Nighthawks - 1990 - Live At The Bottom Line   
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                         Acoustic                                          
                                                   All The Good Times                                
                                                   An American Dream                                 
                                                   Dark Side Of The Mountains                        
                                                   Dirt Band                                         
                                                   Dirt, Silver & Gold [Disc 1]                      
                                                   Dirt, Silver & Gold [Disc 2]                      
                                                   Let's Go                                          
                                                   Lone Star Cafe Aug 3rd 1983                       
                                                   Make A Little Magic                               
                                                   Partners, Brothers And Friends                    
                                                   Plain Dirt Fashion                                
                                                   Rare Junk                                         
                                                   St. Johns Universty Apr 24th 1971                 
                                                   Stars And Stripes Forever                         
                                                   Symphonion Dream (World)                          
                                                   The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                        
                                                   Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy                     
The Outlaws                                        Bring It Back Alive                               
                                                   Capital Theatre NJ May 21st 1977                  
                                                   Ghost Riders                                      
                                                   Greatest Hits Of The Outlaws- High Tides Forever  
                                                   Hurry Sundown                                     
                                                   Lady In Waiting                                   
                                                   Los Hombres Malo                                  
                                                   Record Plant Nov 22nd 1976                        
                                                   The Outlaws                                       
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils                      13                                                
                                                   Archive Alive!                                    
                                                   Emergancy Band 1st Gig 1971                       
                                                   Mar 3rd 1974 and Mar 4th 1976                     
                                                   Men From Earth                                    
                                                   The Car Over The Lake Album                       
                                                   The Lost Cabin Sessions                           
                                                   The Ozark Mountain Daredevils                     
                                                   The Ozark Mountain Daredevils & It'll Shine When I
The Police                                         Every Breath You Take- The Classics               
The Psycheground Group                             The Psycheground Group - Psycheground (1970)      
The Robert Coady Band                              .DS_Store                                         
                                                   01 Country Band.mp3                               
                                                   02 You've Been On My Mind.mp3                     
                                                   03 T.V. Cowboy.mp3                                
                                                   04 Everything's Gonna Be All Right.mp3            
                                                   05 Nowhere Special.mp3                            
                                                   06 Knockin' On Your Door.mp3                      
                                                   07 Off Ramp Blues.mp3                             
                                                   08 Way Back Home.mp3                              
                                                   09 Just One More Time.mp3                         
                                                   10 I'll Be Comin' Home.mp3                        
The Rolling Stones                                 Hot Rocks, 1964-1971 [Disc 1]                     
                                                   Hot Rocks, 1964-1971 [Disc 2]                     
                                                   Lyon  06-09-1976 France (1)                       
                                                   Lyon  06-09-1976 France (2)                       
                                                   Made In The Shade                                 
                                                   More Hot Rocks                                    
The Royal Guardsmen                                Anthology                                         
The Steve Miller Band                              Fly Like An Eagle                                 
                                                   Greatest Hits 1974-78                             
                                                   Jan 15 1974 Shady Grove DC                        
The Stills - Young Band                            Stills - Young Band - Long May You Run (1976)     
The Tony Rice Unit                                 Manzanita                                         
The Velvet Underground                             The Velvet Underground - Peel Slowly & See        
                                                   The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground   
                                                   The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & 
The Wes Montgomery Trio                            The Wes Montgomery Trio - A Dynamic New Sound     
The Who                                            20th Century Masters- The Best Of The Who (The Mil
                                                   Magic Bus                                         
                                                   My Generation - The Very Best Of The Who          
                                                   Spectrum Phil Dec 4th, 1973                       
                                                   Spectrum Phil Dec 4th, 1973 PT 1 & 2              
                                                   The Ultimate Collection [Disc 1]                  
                                                   The Ultimate Collection [Disc 2]                  
                                                   Then And Now (1964-2004)                          
The Winter Brothers Band                           Nashville Tenn 1980 (2)                           
                                                   The Winter Brothers Band                          
The Winters Brothers Band                          Coast To Coast                                    
                                                   Nashville Tenn 1980 (1)                           
                                                   The Winters Brothers Band - 1985 - Keep On Running
Thin Lizzy                                         Thin Lizzy - Gothenburg, SE - 02-06-81            
Three Dog Night                                    Naturally                                         
                                                   Suitable For Framing                              
Tim Brooks & The Alien Sharecroppers               Back In The Game                                  
                                                   See Rock City                                     
Tim Weisberg                                       Hurtwood Edge                                     
                                                   Travelin' Light                                   
Timothy Leary                                      Timothy Leary - You Can Be Anyone This Time Around
Toler                                              Year Of Tears                                     
Tom Petty                                          Highway Companion (2006)                          
                                                   TP - Southern Accents(1985)                       
Tom Rush                                           aug 19 1972 Lenox Mass                            
Tommy Crain & The Crosstown Allstars               tommy crain_give it to ya                         
Tommy James & The Shondells                        Anthology                                         
Tommy Roe                                          Sheila                                            
Toy Caldwell                                       Can't You See                                     
                                                   Live Spartanburg,SC 1992                          
                                                   The Sting New Britain CT 02.1993 [FLAC]           
                                                   Toy Caldwell - 1992 - Toy Caldwell                
Toy Caldwell Band                                  Live At The Four Legged Duck                      
Tracy Chapman                                      New Beginning                                     
Traffic                                            Heaven Is In Your Mind                            
                                                   Traffic - Early Singles                           
                                                   Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die                
                                                   Traffic - Last Exit                               
                                                   Traffic - Mr Fantasy                              
                                                   Traffic - On The Road                             
                                                   Traffic - Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory        
                                                   Traffic - The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys       
                                                   Traffic - Traffic                                 
                                                   Traffic - Welcome To The Canteen                  
                                                   Traffic - When The Eagle Flies                    
                                                   Traffic Fillmore East 11 18 1970                  
                                                   Winterland Jan 26th 1973 Disc 1                   
                                                   Winterland Jan 26th 1973 Disc 2                   
                                                   Woodstock  08-14-1994                             
Train                                              Drops Of Jupiter                                  
                                                   For Me, It's You                                  
Trucks, Derek                                      Stella Blue                                       
Two Guns                                           Balls Out                                         
U2                                                 The Joshua Tree                                   
                                                   U218 Singles                                      
UFO Record Plant Sep 23 1975                       01 - UFO - ufo record plant sep 23 1975.mp3       
Ultimate Spinach                                   Ultimate Spinach                                  
Ultra                                              Ultra                                             
Umphrey's McGee                                    2007-06.30 Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, GA     
                                                   2007-06.30 Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, GA  (2)
                                                   Umlive 09-01-2008 (1)                             
                                                   Umlive 09-01-2008 (2)                             
                                                   Umlive 09-01-2008 (3)                             
Uriah Heep                                         Demons And Wizards                                
                                                   Look At Yourself                                  
                                                   SD Feb 8th, 1974 Disc 1                           
Van Halen                                          1984                                              
                                                   The Best Of Van Halen, Vol. I                     
                                                   Van Halen                                         
Van Morrison                                       1995-06-08 Edinburgh Jazz Festival                
                                                   Astral Weeks                                      
                                                   Irish Soul (Live At The Roxy, NY, 1978) (1990)    
                                                   Tupelo Honey                                      
Vanilla Fudge                                      Psychedelic Sundae- The Best Of Vanilla Fudge     
                                                   Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Fudge                     
Various Artest                                     Seventies Hit Singles Vol 5                       
Various Artist                                     Flower Power - Summerof Love (1)                  
                                                   Seventies Hit Singles Vol 1                       
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Volume 12                
                                                   The Best Of Rock Volumn 6                         
Various Artists                                    20 Christmas Favorites                            
                                                   A Very Special Christmas                          
                                                   A Very Special Christmas 2                        
                                                   A Very Special Christmas 3                        
                                                   A Very Special Christmas 5                        
                                                   Acoustic Guitar Highlights Volume 5               
                                                   Acoustic Guitar Highlights, Volume 2              
                                                   Alive Down South                                  
                                                   Allstar Southern Rockers August 1978              
                                                   Beatles Forever                                   
                                                   Beautiful Songs [Disc 1]                          
                                                   Beautiful Songs [Disc 2]                          
                                                   Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits- 1970              
                                                   Blue Ridge Music                                  
                                                   Blues Brothers 2000                               
                                                   Christmas Dreaming Of A White Christmas           
                                                   Classical Treasures - Best Of Beethoven           
                                                   Encomium- A Tribute To Led Zeppelin               
                                                   Flower Power- Age of Aquarius [Disc 1]            
                                                   Flower Power- Born To Be Wild [Disc 1]            
                                                   Flower Power- Born To Be Wild [Disc 2]            
                                                   Flower Power- Groovin' [Disc 1]                   
                                                   Flower Power- Groovin' [Disc 2]                   
                                                   Flower Power- Time Of The Season [Disc 1]         
                                                   Flower Power- Time Of The Season [Disc 2]         
                                                   Folk Hits Around The Campfire                     
                                                   Forrest Gump [Disc 1]                             
                                                   Forrest Gump [Disc 2]                             
                                                   Goin' South                                       
                                                   Goin' South, Vol. 2                               
                                                   Greatest Hits Of The 60's [Disc 1]                
                                                   Guitar Rock 1970-1971                             
                                                   Guitar Rock 1974-1975                             
                                                   Guitar Rock 1976-1977                             
                                                   Guitar Rock 1978-1979                             
                                                   Have a Nice Day 70's Super Hits Vol 18 and 19     
                                                   Irish Drinking Songs                              
                                                   Millennium Classic Rock Party                     
                                                   Pure 70's                                         
                                                   Pure Reggae                                       
                                                   Rocky IV                                          
                                                   Rocky IV 1985                                     
                                                   Rocky V (1990)                                    
                                                   Rocky VI (2006)                                   
                                                   School Of Rock                                    
                                                   Seventies Hit Singles Vol 2                       
                                                   Seventies Hit Singles Vol 3                       
                                                   Seventies Hit Singles Vol 4                       
                                                   Seventies Hit Singles Vol 6                       
                                                   So Beautiful- 20 Acoustic Love Songs              
                                                   Space Jam                                         
                                                   Summer Breeze- Soft Rock Classics                 
                                                   Summer Of Love- The Hits Of 1967 [Disc 2]         
                                                   Super Hits Of the 70's (Have a nice day) Vol 3 and
                                                   Super Hits of the '70s- Have a Nice Day, Vol. 1   
                                                   Super Hits of the '70s- Have a Nice Day, Vol. 5 an
                                                   Television's Greatest Hits Of The '50s And '60s   
                                                   Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2                
                                                   The Best Classic Roc Vol 5                        
                                                   The Best Classic Rock Vol 3                       
                                                   The Best Classic Rock Vol 5                       
                                                   The Best Classic Rock Volume 1                    
                                                   The Best Classic Rock Volume 8                    
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Vol 10                   
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Vol 7                    
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Vol 9                    
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Volume 11                
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Volume 2                 
                                                   The Best Of Classic Rock Volumn 4                 
                                                   The Best of Mountain Stage - Vol. 6               
                                                   The Finest Collection of Dinner Jazz (2004)       
                                                   The Legend of Jesse James                         
                                                   The Time Life Treasury of Christmas II            
                                                   The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas II - Christmas
                                                   VH1- I Love The 80s                               
                                                   Voulnteer Jam Volume Two                          
                                                   Will The Circle Be Unbroken Vol 11                
Vassar Clemmons                                    Live 1997                                         
Vertical Horizon                                   Everything You Want                               
Vince Guaraldi                                     A Charlie Brown Christmas                         
Vince Guaraldi Trio                                A Boy Named Charlie Brown                         
Vinegar Joe                                        Six Star Gypsies                                  
Walsh, Joe                                         There Goes The Neighborhood                       
Walter Trout                                       Life In The Jungle                                
Warren Haynes                                      1993 - Live At 23 East Cabaret                    
                                                   Warren Haynes & Gregg Allman - 2006 - Live At Red 
Waylon Jennings                                    Grand Ole Opry House-Nashville, TN Aug 12 1978    
                                                   Worceter, Ma Jun 15 1984                          
Wayne Berry                                        Home At Last                                      
Wayne Hancock                                      Pickathon Pendavis Farm                           
Weather Report                                     Sportin' Life                                     
Wet Willie                                         Bottom Line Dec 18, 1977                          
                                                   Keep On Smilin'                                   
                                                   Playing Live Tonight                              
                                                   The Wetter The Better - Dixie Rock                
                                                   Wet Willie                                        
                                                   Wet Willie- Wet Willie II                         
Whiskeytown                                        Drunken Confessions                               
                                                   Faithless Street                                  
                                                   Fucker Demos                                      
                                                   Live @ Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco 1997     
                                                   Strangers Almanac                                 
                                                   Those Weren't The Days - Forever Valentine        
                                                   Whiskeytown - Acoustic Tour                       
                                                   Whiskeytown - WhiskyAGoGo98                       
White Witch                                        White Witch                                       
Widespread Panic                                   Bombs And Butterflies                             
                                                   Light Fuse, Get Away [Disc 1]                     
                                                   Light Fuse, Get Away [Disc 2] [Live]              
                                                   Space Wrangler                                    
Willie Nelson                                      Legend- The Best Of Willie Nelson                 
                                                   NPR Piano Jazz Broadcast 2002                     
                                                   Shotgun Willie                                    
                                                   The Essential Willie Nelson                       
                                                   The Essential Willie Nelson 2                     
Wishbone Ash                                       San Fran  Wishbone Ash Apr 2 1976                 
                                                   Wishbone Ash - 1971 - Pilgrimage                  
                                                   Wishbone Ash - There's The Rub - 1974             
                                                   Wishbone Ash - Wishbone Four                      
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart                            Mozart - AVE VERUM                                
Wooden Coyote                                      Wooden Coyote                                     
Yes                                                90125 [Bonus Tracks]                              
                                                   Close To The Edge                                 
                                                   Tales From Topographic Oceans [Bonus Track] [Disc 
                                                   The Yes Album [Bonus Tracks]                      
                                                   Yessongs [Live] [Disc 1]                          
                                                   Yessongs [Live] [Disc 2]                          
Yonder Mountain String Band                        Elevation                                         
Zac Brown Band                                     The Foundation                                    
ZZ Top                                             Budapest hungary Jul 23rd 2003                    
                                                   Greatest Hits                                     
                                                   One Foot In The Blues                             
                                                   Tejas Mechanics                                   
                                                   Tres Hombres                                      
                                                   ZZ Top 7 19 1982                                  
                                                   ZZ Top's First Album                              

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