Epitaph: From Son to Father

The Midnightflyer’s flight departed this world September 16th, 2018

I find it fitting my dad passed while Trump was in office (God willing the first and only time). It’s like his heart just said “Fuck this shitshow, I’M OUT!”

Got to say, “Good call dad. It just got worse...”

Rights like Roe being revoked, a former president who tried to make the Confederacy RISE AGAIN, and the earth being so polluted it boils us alive clearly makes a good time for departure.

So of course, his dumb ass son decided it was finally time to raise his own family!

And that’s who is writing this. The younger, and to quote my mother, “Prodigal Son”. I actually announced to my mother that we were foster-ready parents at my father’s wake for fuck’s sake. Then came five-day-old Levi. 7 Years boinking my wife completely fruitless (fun though). Although Kathleen always told me she wanted to adopt, and I love the hell out of my son. It made the twin girls one hell of a plot twist two years later! 

So that’s the family I made. Like my father, I left my homestead and found my way through the world kicking and screaming. Dad was a combination of helpful and an absolute pain in the ass during the part he was still alive in my adult life.

As I was to him!

So, after a few years I’m finally contributing to his sites. In my defense, it took a minute to take these pages back from the vile clutches of Godaddy. Fuck them: I literally had one of their customer services tell me only he could make changes... after I told them he was dead. Fortunately, I managed to get all the passwords to transfer the domain and sites to inmotionhosting.com where they will remain in perpetuity.

It's a fitting epitaph: a wall of anguish and mirth. Something that lamented the state of American politics, while simultaneously allowing my father to express how much he loved his family. Poems next to slander, but all of it came from the heart. I miss him. So this is my contribution to his ‘art’

To the five of you left who might pass through this place (hello Randy) thank you for your views. While this piece addresses the half of this site that is stuff that came from the heart, I’d be remiss (and dad would give me shit if I didn’t) to not address the state of American politics... Without further ado, HERE’S YOUR 2022 SUPREME COURT LINEUP!


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